Monday, May 10, 2010

The warm hues of Generosity

Yes, I know I didn't post anything the last couple of days as I'd said I would, but there's a really good reason why... the postman rang! And when I saw the big, book-sized envelope, I whooped, "Yes! yes! yes! its here... finally!".

You see, Phillip from Dirt Therapy had announced a giveaway some time back and guess who won? Me!
I never win anything. Not even lucky dips . Oh wait! there was a plastic ruler which I won when I was in the third standard, but that's it. But you see what I mean, if even that had to stick in my memory like a red-letter day?
Yet, here I was winning an absolutely delicious offer of the most drool-worthy colourburst of a book by Tom Fischer, appropriately called, 'The Gardener's Colour Palette' ! Phillip's own beautiful garden could've been the perfect advertisement for that book!

I did have my doubts whether I would ever get to see this book considering the continents and oceans it had to cross and then there are ever so many slippery fingers who would be handling it . So you see, I was absolutely elated that I had been proven to be a pessimistic ol' so-and-so.

As I hastily signed on the postman's receipt, my first impulse was to rip open the envelope as I usually do (patience is definitely not my forte). But one look at it and there was no way I could do that . See what I mean?

Now why do I never think of such perfect finishing touches?
Phillip, that envelope will never see a dust-bin. It has gone into my stash of sentiment-alia.
As will this lovely note.

And the book? Pure magic!
The text was an absolute revelation. Fluid, almost lyrical , and filled with word-pictures that paint profiles of flowers I've never seen before so vividly that I could swear they're literally bursting out of the pages. The text pulls you in until you just don't want to surface from that colourful painting.
Tom Fischer, I wish I could write half as hypnotically well as you.

I love the easy-to-refer layout showcasing essential information that you don't need to wade through a lot of text to find. And the addition of recommended companion plants is perfect!

And the photos! The book is crammed with such luscious photos that make me feel like I'm in a bubble of concentrated colour. Each photo makes me sigh over them and many make me wish I could pick up my roots and settle someplace where all those lovely blooms will grow for me.

We don't go by Hardiness Zones in India but I should think mine would be Zone 10 like Florida. And I'm so relieved to see that this is one book that hasn't left out the tropical gardener. There aren't that many choices for us here, but still, they're there and many more than I expected. Many of them are plants I've never been sure would grow in my climate zone. And I love the chance to add more colour to my garden.
But I think that would be the only negative thing I can say about this lovely dreamspinner of a book : not all the plants shown here will grow in my garden.

And the verdict? Dont wait... go buy this book! And I wish I could see the change in your garden after you do. I'm already plotting on a lot of changes in my own.

Thank you, Phillip, for being such a generous soul and not hanging on to this book for yourself. I doubt if I could've been so altruistic.


  1. Oh wow! the book looks yummy :)
    Can look forward to some exciting stuff happening in your garden :)

  2. Congratulations on your win. That looks like a wonderfully gorgeous book.

    From what I've seen of your gardens, I'd say you are zone 10, which is where I live in s.e. FL. You and I grow quite a few of the same things.

    Enjoy your bit of paradise.


  3. I love the selection of colors for header selected from the next page photograph. Very nice thinking. Congratulations & Celebrations
    - will say. I do not read so sorry but yes, I appreciate And claps for the writer.

  4. Congratualations Sunita! I am bursting with happiness for you are sooo funny saving the envelope. I never enter those competitions because I thought that I would be disqualified because of my location. Well now I will be doing so. I do envy you delving deep into that book and I can understand the slippery fingers that handle the book before it came to you. Sometimes they even open and take a read too. Like me you and I are in similar zones and I use Florida as my Zone. Those books make me feel like moving too and I have been dreaming of buying a little cottage in Florida one day. Ha don't seem like that day will come anytime soon. Read and dream on honey chile. I am sooo happy for you!

  5. Sunita, I'm happy to hear that it arrived safely - you never know with the mail these days. And I'm glad you like it, that is terrific!

  6. What a lovely prize! Isn't it nice to win something?

  7. What a wonderful gift, congratulations!!

  8. Congrats! See, your luck with winning has changed.
    That is one lovely book. Keep the winning streak alive lady:-)

  9. Congrats Sunita! I can almost see you drooling as you turn the pages LOL!

  10. Thanks, Aaron. It really is lovely.

    You bet, Priya! My mind is buzzing now. I have seen quite a few plants I'd like to add to my garden in this book and I'm plotting how to go about getting them. What fun!

    ?, thanks.

    That is clever, isn't it, Hobo? Actually the book had different sections devoted to the various colours and each colour had its own matching headers like this.

    Thanks, Flower Lady :)
    You're right, that is the reason why I guessed I must be Zone 10 too.
    And the book is definitely gorgeous. I keep going back to sneak a read every so often.

    Helen, I must've been a squirrel or pack-rat in some past life. I can never throw anything away, especially something so novel :D
    I did double-check with Phillip whether bloggers from outside the U.S. could enter too. Almost all the giveaways and competitions I've seen have a problem with this and I can totally understand why its not convenient for us to be part of the circle. Disappointing, but understandable. Luckily for me, Phillip is different. Thanks, Phillip!
    Dont you wish that maybe part of the year you could have cooler weather where all those lovelyflowers could bloom for you too?

    Phillip, I love it! As you may have guessed already :D
    And yes, this must be my lucky year or something ... not only did I win the book but I actually got it safely too.

    Oh yes, Stephanie :) I think I'm hooked.

    You bet, Rebecca! I'm sure you would enjoy it too.

    GT, you'll make a gambler out of me! :D
    I had no idea that with the right incentive I would become so inclined towards 'games of chance' ;D

    Lona, so would you if you could see those lovely photos .... mmmmm!

  11. Congratulations. Wish you many more hours of happy drooling. :)

  12. Congratulations!! The book looks great!! Love how you shared it with your readers, and with pictures too.

  13. Thanks, Raji. I'm one of those readers who love to read ansd re-read a book till it falls apart . So, yes, I do anticipate many hours of drooling, as you said :D

    Thanks, IHM :) It is one of those books which wouldn't have worked half as well without the pictures so yes, I thought they deserved to be seen too :)

  14. How fun, congrats on your new beautiful book!

  15. Hi Sunita

    Your pictures are simply stunning. Love to visit India one day.

  16. Thank you, cina_fong :)
    And you must make a trip to India. I'm sure you'll thoroughly enjoy it.


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