Thursday, February 18, 2010

Back in the garden

I'm back ( pun unintended) and am busy scrounging in the garden to see what I missed during the last few years ... ooops! sorry, last few weeks ( seemed like decades, though).
Do you know how fast things move in the garden when there's no way you can be up and about to appreciate them?

Well, first there were the lovi-lovis (Flacourtia inermis ). I've been waiting for years to see the first fruit on my tree and now here they are, brilliant red and plump with lip-curling, eye-scrunching tartness!

Then, I found this lovely peaches-and-cream tinted bud on a creeper that had draped itself all over the wild lantanas.
Plump seems to be the trend of the season, doesn't it?

It turned out to be a lovely, pure white wild Ipomoea, lighting up the lantana bush. I wonder where the peach tint disappered?

Oh, now I see it!

The mango trees are in bloom! This is something that we look forward to the whole year through. From now we can start our countdown to the heady mango-season. Oh yum!

One of the trees is speed-racing ; it has beat all the others and is already bearing clusters of tiny baby mangoes.

This is such fun! I love these baby mangoes. They look so cute and chubby, filled with the promise of sweetness to come. Summer in a baby pod!

Just as cute are the baby cashews. They're on show now, peeping through clusters of flowers and still liver-red. They've a long way to go.

Now this find was brilliant! I've never seen such a gorgeous electric blue anywhere in my garden before. So what is it? One of the forewings of a particularly exotic beetle?

Or....? It fit my daughter's baby finger perfectly.
Hmmm... maybe it was a beetle, after all. I wish I could've seen it alive and beetling around!
If anyone knows what this mystery beetle (I think) is called, please let me know. I love keeping track of who's living in my garden or just visiting.

Until next time, here's looking at you.