Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On holiday

I finally did it! I'm in Singapore right now and drooling over the absolutely fantastic orchids blooming their heads off in every nook and corner . And I'm so envious of the very trim figures I see everywhere.
I'm busy having fun but had to pop in here to let all of you know that I'll posting again in a little while but right now I'm on holiday. Okay?
Talk to you soon!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Phal-e-lluiah !

Praise be! and All Hail ! My Phals have lived to rule the day. Isn't she magnificent? No wonder Phalaenopsis are prized all over the world. I haven't seen many of them in Mumbai and the rare few in the nurseries seem to cost almost as much as the land it is displayed on !

Here's another look at my Phal ... one of 3 which I brought to my apartment and babied through bud to bloom stage (the light could have been better, but I think the Phal makes up for all shortcomings).
I know the Phalaenopsis is called the Butterfly or Moth Orchid but for me, I can only see the dove at the centre, with wings flapping languidly.

It's an almost impossibly long waiting period. From end-January to end-March, from nub to bud to bloom. One would expect such a beautiful flower to look beautiful in the bud-stage too. It did... very elegant on its long, arching spike...

... until one got close enough to see a definite resemblance to something out of Jurassic Park!
Close your mouth, dear, the flies will get in ... oh! and you have a milk moustache!

Take a look at my phal now. This is a peek while she's just blooming open. Nothing ridiculous about it now, right?
See the 'dove'?

Ta-dah! Isn't it amazing how a couple of ugly buds can produce so much drama!

Oh! This is the other one of the trio. I couldnt get a good enough photo of all three lined up on the ledge so here's a look at my other Phal.
Hmmm... just as goofy as the others !

Until it blooms open too just a couple of days after the others.
Yellow! Just as I thought. A lovely buttery, sunshiney yellow. It almost seems bright enough to light up the room!
Doesn't the 'dove' look like it has a bright halo around it?