Monday, May 3, 2010

Summer snapshots : crowning glory

Purple threaded with gold to cloak the Queen's Crepe Myrtle. That's about as majestic as you can get, don't you think?

Welcome to my new 'Summer snapshots' series of picture-posts . The summer-induced exuberance in my garden and all over Mumbai has filled my album with so many photos which I thought you'd like to see. So here they are ... enjoy!
I hope to post regularly so do check in often.


  1. Such a beautiful close-up ... it is indeed majestic with those lovely colours.

  2. The color And the folds as similar as crepe - excellent. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Bernie, Trudi, I knew you would agree. It's almost impossible not to be overwhelmed by its beauty.

    Hobo, its got such a perfect name, don't you think? And its petals are as wafer-thin as crepe too.

    Absolutely, Aaron! :)

  4. Sunita that is one very "majestic" flower with all of the royal colours flying ! .. I wish we could grow this type of plant here .. but I will enjoy yours in the mean time ? : )

  5. I love this tree. Mine is a softer purple than yours. I agree that yours is definitely majestic. Mine has just leafed out again in the past few weeks, and I'm looking forward to the blooms. We've only had it 2-3 years, and I love the giant blooms.

    Wonderful picture, thanks for sharing.


  6. A delight to behold, really! With a proper perspective one can find so much beauty amidst urban chaos.

  7. Flower Lady, you're in for such a treat in the coming years as your tree matures and fills up with more blooms. Lucky you!

    Definitely, Joy! And I'll pretend-imagine that all those gorgeous cool-loving plants in your post are actually growing in my garden! ;D

    You're absolutely right, GT! One just has to really look for it.

  8. Sunita, what a lovely, lovely photo! I see why they call it the Queen's Crepe Myrtle - it is absolutely glorious.

  9. Sunita what a spectacular picture. Gorgeous bloom that would be a stand out in any garden.

  10. What gorgeous colours!!

  11. Thanks, Gauri.

    Genevieve, this has to be one of the most aptly named trees I think. You should see it in full bloom!

    You're absolutely right, Lona. It makes me happy just looking at it. You should see whole roads lined with this tree in bloom ... spectacular!

    IHM, just imagine these colours translated into decor or fashion or art. Nature has to be the most sublime artist!

  12. Yes, very regal, indeed. But a very sun-loving royal, I think. The blossom seems to just exude warmth and hot sunshine. Lovely macro.

  13. Stephanie , you're absolutely right. The Queen's Crepe Myrtle is a sun-worshipper so its only natural that it radiates some of that warmth I think :)

  14. Wow! Beautiful!! Majestic indeed!!!


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