Friday, May 7, 2010

Summer snapshots : Purple jewels

This wild Ipomoea (I think it is called Ipomoea carica ) is seen clambering over every available inch of space ... over sand, rock , tree or building... and blooming its head off so exuberantly!

In Mumbai this creeper has taken over vast stretches of untended land and roadside scrub. Can you imagine seeing a whole sea of mauve and purple flowers beaming at you? No wonder it's called Coastal Morning Glory!


  1. It is beautiful, indeed! :)

  2. The most beautiful purple shades on these blooms. Lovely.
    What we call morning glory is a rather anemic white in comparison. But it is just as invasive.

  3. Hi Sunita,
    Nice! We have this species here too.


  4. As customary impressive..
    You may reach your
    humble servant:

    Can no longer access the
    other legendary blogs...

    Good luck in your projects!

  5. Absolutely, Nancy! :)

    We have the white ones too, Stephanie but they're not as 'glorious' as these mauve-purple ones.

    Hi Eric, it's so good to see you here again. I'm not surprised you have this one too. Your garden in Florida and mine in Mumbai could be mirror-images I think.

    Thank you, Antigonum cajan. And thanks for letting me know about the change in address. I'll make sure I note it down.

  6. Hmmm... I just checked and got a message that Blogger couldn't find the blog at the address you gave me.

  7. I should love to look back at that sea of mauve and purple Sunita! Very beautiful!

  8. I love this shade. Once when we were flying over Los Angeles, all I could see was a sea of purple haze - it was April, and the jacaranda was blooming at every possible place.
    Another lovely picture, Sunita.

  9. Carol, it is truly stunning. Add to that the fact that it hides all the dust and grime and everything ugly and transforms it into something so beautiful ... I think this could be the Flower of Mumbai!

  10. Oh yes, they claim the fences along the rail tracks here! It's a beautiful sight when in full bloom!

  11. Indeed, the morning glory flourishes so easily and the purple will brighten a place up very nicely.

  12. Over here, the purple (land) morning glory is invasive and has taken over many open space, abandoned places and rubbish dumps. They certainly know how to make use of poles to clime very very high up.

  13. lovely!
    have you seen its cousin the obscure morning glory?

  14. Yes I have seen it 'bloom it's head off' everywhere! Beautiful shot. I always called it Morning Glory :|

  15. I could've sworn I had replied to almost all these comments! Did I forget to punch the 'publish' button again?

    Chandramouli I think thats how it earned its alternate name "Railway creeper". But they beautify ugly spaces so well, don't they?

    I totally agree, Aaron. Though one of them in this photo did have some bug trying out its artistic skills too :D

    So true, SM.

  16. Keats, sometimes I think I should give up trying to pamper temperamental garden plants and grow pretty weeds instead! At least, they'll always be in bloom.

    Autumn belle, I really like their exuberance. I wish I could point it out as an example to my other plants!

    Thanks, Arati. You're right, its cousin is just as pretty. In fact, I think the blooms of the whole family are really eye-catching.

    Absolutely, Signe! :)

    So did I, IHM, until I realised that there are more than one and all just as pretty :)
    But isn't it such a gorgeous sight, though?

  17. It's too bad that plant is so aggressive. The bloom sure is pretty! I reminds me of petunias, as well as morning glories.

  18. Sue, this has to be one of the few invasive plants that I really dont mind taking over the countryside. It covers up so much dust and grime and junk. But my garden... now, that's another matter altogether :)

  19. This is a very beautiful picture of the ipomea!


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