Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer snapshots : one for the road

Boiling hot summer days mean an enterprising bird must stoke up when he finds the chance.
A small rivulet, formed when 2 hosepipes snapped at their joint, soon became water-on-tap for this lucky crow.
I guess he got even more lucky with complimentary appetizers thrown in. That green seedpod of the Michaelia champaca is so conveniently within beak reach.


  1. Yes it is terribly hot here in Gurgaon too.

  2. Poor crow. It is a scorcher of a summer

  3. Hallo Sunita
    ein tolles Foto und die Krähe sieht wunderschön aus!

    liebe Grüße Dörte

  4. It is hot here too with little rain. I would be like that crow too. My ponds look sooo inviting in this weather.

  5. Poor you, Mridula! I've been reading about the temperatures climbing in your part of India. I think the monsoons are not far though. Its just as hot and humid but since the last 2 days there seems to be a change ... it has become much more windy. I hope that's the precursor to the monsoon winds.

    You're getting rain! How lucky for you, Aaron! I was in Malaysia in May last year and yes, I agree, it can be really hot. Of course, for us that was the perfect excuse to go snorkelling!

    Raji, very few things get the better of Mr. Crow. Summer has to be one of them, and this year's is worse than any we've had before.

    Thank you, Dorte. I guess the glossy black on the crow can look good but they're so common here that I rarely remember to look for beauty in them :)

  6. Helen, the picture that brings up is so funny! I don't blame you for finding your pond inviting... I would love to sit and gaze at your lovely tranquil lily ponds too. Don't be surprised if you find me there one day ;)

  7. Just had a burst of storm cooling the temperatures here. What a welcome! I can understand the heat scorching there, crow included.

  8. Perfectly timed shot! the poor crow is indeed lucky!!

  9. Keats, you're so lucky! I wish it was raining here too.

    Priya, I'm sure he thought so too :D

  10. It's terribly hot here too!! I am glad this crow found water!! And the extra treat :)

  11. IHM, it actually rained last night!For about 15 minutes but still... It was so fantastic!
    Feel really sorry for you right now but maybe you could always move back to Mumbai? ;D


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