Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer snapshots : Here comes the sun

I can't help but brighten up every time I see the Geiger tree (Cordia sebestena) in bloom; they're so vibrantly cheerful, aren't they? And they're in bloom almost year-round here in Mumbai, but they're absolutely spectacular in Summer.
Big clusters of these fiery orange flowers really zing up my garden. What's even better is that all this extravagance is a great magnet for Sunbirds and butterflies. And for me.


  1. Wow, don't those gorgeous blooms just look so lovely. And they bloom all Summer. That makes it another winner.
    Beautiful Sunita!

  2. Hi Sunita,
    I got very behind in my blog reading. I am trying to read down my blogroll, but soon, will need to go to sleep.

    Those are beautiful bright blooms! I see why the birds and butterflies would like them.

  3. Yes, they are, aren't they Rebecca? :)

    Lona, with this tree it's win-win all the way. I'll check to see whether I have any photos of the tree in full-bloom... it's quite a sight!

    Hi Sue! It's great seeing you here again :)
    Oh yes, they have to be one of the most vibrantly alive blooms ever.

  4. Beautiful flowers but we need a little less of sun at the moment!

  5. beautiful! have you seen other colours?

  6. So lovely.....
    brightened up my day...
    regards from Gartenzwerg

  7. Lovely blooms! I'm not sure if i've seen these around here. Would be great if you could post of the tree in full bloom :)

  8. hi Sunita,

    just chanced upon on your blog while hunting the web for places i could buy orchids (plants) from in mumbai. the only variety available readily here seems to be the den. bombay. would love to know where in the city u buy your orchids from!


  9. That's a vibrant red! I am trying to remember if I have seen these flowers ever... it seems I haven't!

  10. My computer conked out and it looks like its going to be out for some time :( In the meantime I have to struggle with my laptop with which I definitely am not best friends yet. Which is why its taking so long to post anew because I find it really tough to gauge the quality of pictures on my laptop screen. And I clicked quite a few photos in the last couple of days so its quite annoying not being able to post them!Just hold on for a few days, okay?

  11. I totally understand, Mridula! :D
    Still, with these flowers you have all that intense sun-beauty minus the heat.

    No, Arati. As far as I know this the only colour that it comes in (but I could be wrong)

    That's a lovely thing to say! Thank you, Andrea :)

  12. Absolutely, Nimmy! It really zings me awake :D

    Hi Mona! I don't buy my orchids from Mumbai at all. They're either over-priced or very unheathy-looking. By now I have bult up quite a big collection of my own and keep adding to it every once in a while. Mail me for more information, Mona (you'll find my e-mail ID on my profile page).
    Incidentally, I was a bit confused when you mentioned the Den. Bombay and had to google it. I think there's a mistake. The images which Google is showing as Den. Bombay are of Den. Sonia and Den. Erasakul(a darker, more vibrant version of Den. Sonia).I grow over 500 Den. Erasakuls and they look exactly the same! Quite possibly the online vendors picked on a fancy name, I think :D
    The nurseries here in Mumbai do sometimes sell a lot of Den. Sonia but I haven't seen so many Den. erasakul . Maybe because they're in great demand among the cut-flower vendors.

  13. I'll post a photo as soon as I get my desktop working again, Priya. I'm not very comfortable working on a laptop :P

    IHM, there's a good chance that you may have seen these flowers before. They're quite popular with tropical landscapers and I think most parks have at least a couple of them. They add so much colour, don't they?


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