Friday, December 26, 2008

Cradling the Sun

The last few days of the year and I've been on a nostalgia trip. Cradling the good memories, clearing out the bad and disturbing ones.
Holding close ... laying to rest. It seems to go hand in hand these days.

I watch the flaming sun misting over with gray clouds. Covering its glory ... yet in a way, embellishing it and making it blaze even brighter.

And one last ray peeps through the enveloping clouds to light the way for a bird to find her way home.

Are you a skywatcher too? Take a look at what other skywatchers are seeing around the world at Skywatch Friday.


  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful thoughts. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. lovely post and the photographs are so pretty. thank you for sharing with us. happy holidays.

  3. Sunita, your sunset is so very beautiful. Love the huge palm leaves in the shadow but still illuminated by this blazing sun.

  4. Beautiful photos for skywatcher,Thanks for sharing & Happy SW-Friday.

  5. You simply have a keen eye for beauty...I love your sky photos. Namaste...

  6. Thank you, Sharon. Glad you liked them.

    Happy Skywatch to you too, Tanya.

    TGLIV (hope you dont mind my shortening your name), thanks! Hope you got a chance to scroll back and see some of the other photos too.

    Hi Trudi. I used to curse that palm tree for getting in the way of some superb shots of the sky and sea but now I'm beginning to like the way it frames the shots.

    Thank you, uncleawang. Happy SW-Friday to you too.

    Namaste, Skies. And you have a great way with words. That really made me feel good. Thank you!

  7. Wonderful photos, and I like your a little sad thoughts that go with though at a loss. If so, I am sorrry.

  8. Yes, Sunita, I do like skywatching-very much! Yours is lovely, and so are the sentiments that go with it. I haven't tried Skywatch yet...haven't seemed to have extra time! I am keeping it in mind though...for 'someday'!! Take care, Jan

  9. Wow, these are all magnificent!

    Happy New Year!

  10. Sunita, Just stunning photos of your glorious sky!

  11. Ooh - what beauty, what joy I felt on seeing these pics. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hi, Sunita. I found my way here through Skywatch Friday.

    Those are very gorgeous pictures, and more importantly, I love the thoughts that went with them :)

    Have a happy new year!

  13. Happy New Year! It's so great to be back here with all of you, greeting a brand new year.
    I'm so sorry I took so long to reply to all your posts. I was away for a few days and just got back.

    Arija, that was very perceptive of you. It was a loss that all the people of Mumbai have been mourning after our terrible terror attacks in November. That makes one a little apprehensive of what tomorrow brings. And a little defiant that one will face it anyhow!

    Jan, do try Skywatch Friday. Its great fun and somehow gives one a feeling of unity with so many people around the globe looking up at the same (and yet not the same) sky as you.

    Thanks, Sue. Happy New Year to you too.

    Thanks Meems! Now if only I had your skills of photography ...

    Thanks, Raji. I think you have the Nature Lover's Syndrome too... when something so beautiful can fill you with so much happiness. Nicest disease I've ever heard of! ;)

    Hi Nadia! Great to see you here. Mmmm... I really enjoyed the photos on your blog. Great stuff!

  14. Thank you, Steffi. Happy SWF to you too.

  15. Nice sky memories. Quite beautiful.

  16. Thanks, Louise. I'll be remembering these for a long time, I'm sure.

  17. I normally get to see only foreign based bloggers giving quality blogs! I was amazed to find many such informative and interesting Indian 'Gardening'Blogs. Love it.
    Keep ur good work going..
    Ally George (Chennai, TN)

  18. Thank you so much, Ally. Its always a great feeling when I read someone's appreciative words.
    Look around, there are several really good Indian gardening blogs too ... 'Terra Farmer', 'India Garden', 'Native Place Gardener' and in your own city there is Chandramouli's 'In Art Lies My Heart' are just a few that I have found. You'll find links to them here in my blog. Just keep looking around in all the blog directories to find more. Have fun browsing! :)


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