Thursday, December 4, 2008

Morning has broken ...

Have you ever seen a garden wake up?
It doesn't leap up as if an alarm bell had gone off in its ear and it's running late for work.
There is no frantic rushing to dress up and run out without breakfast.
No desperate hunting for keys and praying there'll be no traffic on the way.

Instead, a playful sunbeam will peep in. Wake up the sleepy birds and remind them of new tunes to sing, and wriggly little things spotted near a grassy patch. And each memory brings a new "cheep" that builds into a crescendo of melodies.
Loud enough to wake up sleeping flowers and to shake the dew from the fresh green grass. Petals unfurl, testing the new air. Layer by layer, colour by colour... the garden shakes the night's dreams from its face.

Then there are those who've just finished blooming in the night. While the rest of the garden was sleeping, they turned their charms to the cool night air. And now, all tired out and totally wrung out, they just cant wait to curl up for the day.

Bright sunbeams tease the sleeping beauties; no matter how they close themselves up a tiny little ray always finds its way in and blows the sleep away.

A flowerly yawn and stretch can work wonders to work the crinkles out of petals.

As can yoga and a surya namaskar salute to the sun.

It's a brand new day! Time to be up and doing.


  1. Sunita, that is absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you!

  2. I wish I was a garden in the morning. What a great way to wake up!

  3. very beautifully put Sunita. You have a great gift of writing.

  4. Beautifully well expressed and images to match, Sunita! I enjoyed this post so very much!

  5. That was beautiful blog Sunita and amazing photos too. Nice descriptions. Enjoyed reading through the post.

  6. It' s good morning to you, and about to be good night to me! What lovely flowers and critters to remember as I drift off to sleep!

  7. Beautiful garden. I would love to be one of those who woke up here.

  8. Terrific, Sunita. How did you capture these brilliant moments!

  9. I'm glad you enjoyed this post, Barbee.

    Tina, I wish I was too. I'm one of those morning-alarm dependants, I'm afraid.

    Thanks... Islandgal, Kim, Chandramouli. I enjoy writing and get a real kick out of seeing people enjoy my writing. I'm so glad you liked this post :)

    Sue, this 12-hour time gap between India and the US is confusing. Just as one of us is gearing up for the day,the other is winding down. A time-machine would help, I think. Imagine all the extra gardening hours we could pack in...

    Thanks, Signe. Maybe you could visit some day :)

    Raji, I wrangle these moments actually. I guess I should thank my children's early school timing which forces me to be up by 5.30. So by the time they're packed off to school, I'm free to enjoy my garden coming awake. I think that says a lot for the Indian school system... even birds and plants get to rest more than our children do !

  10. ah cat stevens...

    you have described it so well too!!!

  11. Magiceye, do I spot another Cat Stevens fan? 'Moonshadow' still gives me goosebumps and I love the purity of 'Morning has broken'. Cat Stevens or Yusuf Islam, I wish he'd come back with more.

  12. Great post. A reminder to stop and take the time to be mindful.

    Always Growing

  13. Very well-written, Sunita.
    I love to witness the rain forest waking up. It is just beautiful!

  14. Thanks, Jan. You're so right!
    Amilia, that must be really amazing! I've noticed in my garden that it doesnt start waking up until the sunbeams hit it, even if it is 7 a.m. (some tall trees to the east screen out the sun for a long time). Is it the same in the rainforest?

  15. Hi Sunita, I was led to your blog by other bloggers' comments...and I've been here before, I know. I remember seeing the beautiful sky with the 2 planets lined up to become the eyes of a smile, along with the moon. That was lovely:)
    This post is so pretty. It's my kind of post...colorful photos of flowers and an uplifting visit overall! I'm going to add you to my followers list if that's ok with you? Take care, Jan

  16. Another lovely, lovely post!

  17. Jan, hey, it's so good to see you here again! I'm glad you liked this post. Know what? I get a real thrill out of seeing my garden wake up. There's something so rejuvenating about it. :)
    And Jan, I'm flattered that you like The Urban Gardener enough to choose to 'follow' it. Thanks!

  18. Thank you, Anne. I enjoyed writing it :)

  19. I thoroughly enjoyed this post! It indeed refreshed me anew:) And I like the blog as a whole so much I'm going to add it to my favorite list on my blog.
    Thanks for sharing:)


  20. Hey, thanks Ronnie! Glad you liked it. It's always exciting when a fellow blogger likes my blog well enough to decide to follow it. It really makes my day! Thanks :)

  21. Such a romantic, entertaining commentary to accompany beautiful garden photos!

  22. Thanks, Gemma.
    Hey, I like the photos you've posted on your blog!


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