Friday, July 4, 2008

See what the rain brought up !

The monsoons have settled in now and the land is in a mellow, fertile state . Wild flowers and seasonal plants are popping up all over the place. Lying dormant most of the year seems to agree with them if their bright colours are anything to go by.

Almost overnight, my garden*(please see my note below) is filled with Curcumas (Gingers.... though some people like to call them Ornamental Turmeric) .

I dont know how these Curcumas got there because I didnt plant them and neither did anyone else that I know of. In this picture, they're growing near some wild, native Ixoras under a sprawling Cashew tree .

Another rainy season plant I love is this little one with white flowers. I have no idea what it is called. If anyone knows, please let me know? It springs up all over the place.... between rocks, on paths, just about everywhere.

This is a close-up of this flower which we have very whimsically named 'Peace Bells'. Well, until we know the official name, thats as good a name as any.

* It was too much of a job trying to keep my two gardens separate in this blog, so I decided I would just go ahead and talk about both. Both are urban gardens, its just that one of them, being in an apartment, is more urban than the other (if that makes sense to you) . I had tried to only talk about my apartment garden, but then, why should I deprive myself of half the fun, right?


  1. Hi Sunita, I skipped over from blotanical to say hello and have a look at your garden. I am always interested in gardens from different countries. I like your dramatic writings. I grow curcumas too, but I wish they would just hop into my garden. They are dying down now because it is winter in Australia. See you later...

  2. Hi Titania! Thanks for dropping by!
    I'm so glad you liked my blog. But 'dramatic' .... really? : )
    Do you have your own blog? I couldnt find a link to it when I tried to have a look.
    Curcumas are so interesting, aren't they? I'm just thanking my lucky stars that Ma Nature has seen it fit to leave these little surprises for me.
    There are more rainy season surprises but I havent got around to photographing them yet. Maybe in a later post.

  3. Hello Sunita, Thanks so much for visiting and leaving such a nice comment.
    I must agree with Barbee and write beautifully and have a real gift for words and descriptions.
    I'm glad you're enjoying the monsoon season and the refreshing rains it brings.
    I'd love to grow ginger plants. Don't we always want to grow what we can't? :)
    I grew up in Australia, and my mother had a gorgeous garden with many tropical plants. I do miss them.
    Well, I'll be able to see the tropicals on your blog, and you'll be able to see the temperates on my we should both be happy :)
    Here is the url for Titania's blog.
    She lives in Brisbane, Australia.

  4. LOL! Kerri, thats a great idea. Like exchanging homes for vacations, I'm going to feast my eyes on your temperate garden while you get to see my tropical one.
    Thanks for being so encouraging about my writing. I'm still not too comfortable in the cyber-world so blogging and some of its terms take some time to sink in.
    I wonder when I'll be able to photograph half as well as you though.
    Thanks for sending me the url for Titania's blo. I had actually found it quite accidentally while browsing through Australian blogs but forgot to save a link to it. So this is a real help. Thanks!

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog Sunita. I've enjoying seeing your tropical blooms. It's so nice to see what other gardeners can grow all over the world. Your blog is wonderful, keep it up. I am new myself, I just started my blog around the middle of May. And I've only been on Blotanical since June 16th. I am linking your blog to mine, I will enjoy seeing future posts.

  6. Thanks Perennial Garden Lover. So there's hope for me yet? : )
    You said something about linking your blog to mine (or was it vice-versa?). Is that like a link on your blog to access mine? If so, that'll be great.
    See you around. Do drop by soon, I can feel the start of a new thread beginning to feel its way out.

  7. And these peace bells are actually safed musli?!

    And you have two gardens!! I agree, it's a good idea to everything in one place (i.e. blog). Easier for the readers too.

  8. Oh yes, IHM!, isn't it hilarious! Imagine my sweet, dainty-sounding 'Peace Bells' transforming into such a potent surprise!
    Yes, 2 gardens and one of them is in a very limited apartment space. Actually that is a bigger challenge than the other one :P


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