Friday, June 27, 2008

Monsoon sky

Rumbling and thundering, the monsoons sweep into India.

Blanketing village field and city towers in a magic cloak of promise.

Bright afternoons transform into darkest night.

Cool breezes rush in to caress the fevered earth.

The first drops fall... burst ... and release the musty, sweet smell of damp earth on the heated air.

And all around is a frenzied celebration of prayers answered and hope rekindled .....

Of promises kept by the monsoon sky.


  1. Wonderful photo for SWF..beautiful words! You have a gift for writing..descriptions so perfect I could see it without a photo!

  2. Thank you, Naturegirl! I enjoyed the chance to compare the sky over my head to the the one over yours :)

  3. A beautiful tribute to the rain, both life giving and a powerful force of change in our gardens. Somewhere in between the drizzle that only teases our plants, and the destructive storm that rearranges our garden branches to its own delight, is that gentle rain we imagine.
    The reality of gardening with the monsoons must have its own cycle. Grow little seeds.

  4. That is so beautifully said, Northern Shade! It really made me smile.
    Right now, it seems as though the monsoons are on a tease-and-destroy mission.

  5. Beautiful post, Sunita. The monsoon truly inspires one to write about the magic of rain....

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I really don't know the names of the variety of mangoes grown in Assam. And Assam mangoes have not done well, commercially. The market is usually flooded with Dusseri and Langra from UP and Bihar and I simply love them. Alphonsos are very expensive here and another Bengal variety we get here is Malda.

  6. Thanks Kanak. I love the rains, no matter how much I moan about the broken and uprooted plants : )
    I dont think I've ever seen or tasted the Malda mango. I get plenty of Alphonsos from my few trees so I dont need to buy any ... and still have plenty left to gift to friends. Thank God for Nature's bounty!
    Do visit again soon. Its nice hearing from someone at the other end of the country (well, almost).


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