Sunday, July 27, 2008


Peace in the times of uncomprehending terror

Peace in the times of undiluted madness

Peace in the times of malicious strife

Peace in the times of undeserving, untimely death

Peace to all the family and friends left behind

Peace in the minds of mothers, seeing off their loved ones

Peace in the minds of all stepping out of their homes

Peace , especially, in the minds of the misguided


In memory of all those who lost their lives in the serial bomb blasts in Bangalore (25.07.'08) and in Ahmedabad (26.07.'08) .


  1. What a lovely memorial.

  2. So beautiful and touching, Sunita. Peace is what we require in this day and age. You have expressed it so well in this prayer, I think one may call it, adorned with the flowers.

    I always wish people a peaceful trip, or day or year, depending on the occasion - and for myself too, that is all I ask.
    God bless you for the generous last line.

  3. Sunita, thanks for your comment and the info on the coconut-gentle-droppers.

    I know you - you have visited me earlier, too. And answered on the same comment box - do you read the follow up comments?

    You have a very interesting blog, and I am curious to know where in Bombay (do you think Raj Thackeray will start censoring blogs for using this word?) you have room for so much greenery!

  4. The senselessness of it all! I feel exactly the same, Sunita.

  5. Thank you all of you for showing you care.
    Raji, Bombay (or Mumbai, as we have to remind ourselves to call it) is one of the most surprising cities. It has space enough for swish skyscrapers, tiny slums, and still has space left over for a wildlife sanctuary in the middle of it. In which other city in the world could you honestly say, "its a jungle out there" ?
    The only thing it seems to have no room for is playgrounds for the children : (
    Kanak, isnt it heart-wrenching watching everything unfolding on TV?

  6. So touching. Sometimes it feels like there is no hope for the mankind, but if we loose that, what do we have left then...?

  7. Thanks for caring, TIG. I find it incredibly sad that one human being can even contemplate such actions against another. That too against innocents.
    Hope is all that we ultimately have, isnt it? I hold firmly to the thought that its never too late.


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