Monday, July 21, 2008

Tagged, Caught and Wrangled

Okay, its happened. The moment I feared has jumped down my throat .... coming up against something that I havent a clue how to handle and having to admit it to all of Cyberland.
I've been tagged by Kate at and I realise that:

a) I have to find out what "tagged" means. I've only heard the term on Discovery channel on all those wildlife shows where the over-enthu guys go around shooting a bucket-load of sedatives into a lion or rhino or something equally dangerous, and then proceed to give them a ear-ring or necklace stuffed with something that'll keep tracking them through bush and high mountain.
Okay, if its a necklace, please make it silver. Hmmm, even antique gold will do.

b) If I have to link to 6 other people I'm in deep trouble ! I dont know 6 people who also blog, so well that they'll take kindly to being tagged in turn.
So Kate, I'll have to bend a rule here... it'll have to be less than 6, I'm afraid.

c) What on earth would I reveal about myself? I'm one of the most boring people I know.

d) There are rules! Okay, maybe thats not so bad... I just have to follow them. Not something I'm wonderful at, but still, here goes...

First step : Link to the person who tagged you. Hmmm, that was Kate at The Manic Gardener and I think I've already done that in the first paragraph.
Second : Post the rules on the blog. Pay attention here... these are the rules.
Third : Write six random things about yourself. Here goes:
1) I'm a voracious reader. I go through a book every other day and it could be anything from children's books to historicals to romances to biographies to the literature on the back of detergent packets. If I see printed matter, I just have to put everything else aside till I read it. No wonder my housework takes ages to complete!
Oh, and I also zig-zag between a couple of books at a time, reading a bit of one book now and part of the other, later in the day.

2) I collect recipes. There's something about all those plain, ordinary words and ingredients, melding and merging to make awesome, sensory magic that is, well, pure magic.
I dont enjoy cooking though. Not the ordinary everyday variety cooking. Now if its something fancy, yes. But morning breakfast, afternoon lunch, evening tea, night dinner, and then repeat the next day, and the next.... NO! Too boring. Plus its too hot to stay in the kitchen. And a whole gaggle of wise men (and women) have said "if you cant stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen"! I'm trying, I'm trying.

3) I've always had long hair. Except for one time when I cut it short and hated it. The longest was hip-length. Now its just above my waist.
I was born with curly hair, it grew out to become wavy, and now I've straightened it because I like straight hair.

4) My verandah is my most lived-in 'room' in my house. I love sitting there at all times of the day, especially when it is raining.

5) If someone advises me a bit too much, I go out of the way to make sure I don't follow that advice. I just dig my heels in and dont budge. Yeah, that could also go under the heading "foolishly stubborn".

6) I speak 2 languages fluently (English and Malayalam), 1 language well-enough to be understood but not grammar-perfect (Hindi), understand another 2 languages but am a bit rusty with them (French and Tamil), and struggle with 1 more language but need a lot of help with it (Marathi).

Okay, thats all I'm revealing. On to the next set of rules:
Fourth : Tag six people at the end of your post. I'm tagging
Barbee' at Barbee's Blog,
Trudi at Yesterday Today and Tomorrow In My Garden
Kanak at Terra Farmer
The Intercontinental Gardener
Come on, Kate. Four out of six isnt so bad. To make up for the shortfall, I'll make another two revelations instead.

1)I'm mad about crafting. Embroidery, cross-stitch, gourd crafts, nature crafts, soap making... I do them all and love learning new crafts all the time.

2)I find it difficult to throw things away. Things like rocks with interesting shapes or shells with lovely colours, interesting seed-pods, beautiful poems .... everything is stored away in my home.

Fifth : Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Sixth : Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

There! Thats it. Kate, I hope you know what you've let Cyberland in for.


  1. Hi Sunita, I read all of this post and I think you are a very interesting person... really! Loved reading about you. Wish I could sit on your verandah with you, especially when it rains.

    Now to the tagged bit. I have been tagged three previous times in the past few months, so, I think I will just dust that post off and run it again, if it is ok with you. It has a long boring list of 18 facts about me. Now I have run out of facts :) Will let you know when it is up.

  2. Hello Sunita, I have dusted off my post about being tagged. It is not on the front page of my blog, because I think people are tired of seeing it. I have been tagged 4 times in about six weeks so I just updated it. It already has about 18 facts and as I said in my note to you in Blotanical, I have run out of facts :) I will leave you a link so you can find it quickly. I admire your language and reading skills! Barbee's tagged post.

  3. I'm so glad I tagged you, Sunita! I'll be in touch with the Committee about whether you can be excused on the 4 out of 6 bit.

  4. Barbee'... you're one of the nicest people I know to say all that. No wonder I like you and your posts!
    You're welcome to join me on my verandah any time. In fact, just about every one who comes to my home just gravitates there. My living room furniture still looks almost new after 18 years. And that's not because of my housewifely skills.
    Oh, I'm so sorry to have tagged you again. Just shows what a popular person you are. Yes, I think a re-run of your old post should do. Huh, Kate?
    Kate, the Committee is fast asleep after reading my post. You'll just have to take my word for it : )

  5. Hi Sunita, I have done my bit and it has turned out a little different, my tongue in cheek always gets the better of me. Sunita thank you for tagging me, I had a lot of fun.

  6. Great! I'm glad you had fun, Trudi. Now, I'm off to check your blog. See you there.

  7. Hi Sunita, I just noticed that you tagged me - I had no idea either what it is before! Loved reading all your "revelations"! I'm off for a vacation, but I'll be back late next week with my part of the deal!

  8. Hi Sunita, I did a post about the games we play and you are featured in it. If you haven't seen it here is the url

    This one is on the front page :)

  9. TIG, I'm waiting to read your 'tag post'. For someone who has travelled so extensively (and you're travelling again!!), I'm sure you'll have plenty to talk about.
    Have fun on your vacation!
    Barbee', great post! I read it and loved being on the Front Page.
    In addition to all my other quirks, I wonder whether I have delusions of glamour?


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