Friday, June 13, 2008

Monsoon in Mumbai

The monsoon has finally whipped into Mumbai !

Rain, glorious rain is lashing the city, washing off the filth from the streets and dust from the leaves.

The fiery gul mohur petals are flying on the breeze and carpeting the streets.

Trees have got their hair washed squeaky-clean and are seducing the wind in a tempestuous salsa. Outside my window, the coconut trees are tossing their mane like a mad woman, as the wild wind tries to rip them out by the root !

All around me is the roar of the sea champing to gatecrash the party.

And I, I sit cocooned in my little home enjoying the catharsis of the refreshing monsoon after a hot, sticky, energy-sapping summer.

Waiting, for its sowing time. Time for new beginnings when the earth waits for an excuse to sprout new life in ploughed fields and discarded junk alike.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will sow me some vegetables. Bottle gourds, okra, rambling beans, and more. Then I'll coax some flowers from dahlias and cosmos and zinnias, I'm sure.

But for now, I'll lean back in my comfortable chair and watch the dance of the monsoons in Mumbai.


  1. Hi Sunita,thanks for your nice comment on my blog. Its always a pleasure to find Indian garden bloggers who are so few in number. You have a lovely blog and I loved your 'Garden Entrepreuners' post. It's pretty obvious that gardening is your passion too and it would be great to see how your garden develops in coming times.
    Best Wishes.

  2. Why, thank you ! I'm so glad you liked my blog.
    You're right, I love gardening and I enjoy writing ... so this blog is perfect for me.
    I have two gardens, actually. One is quite large and has more or less put down roots (though I still keep changing a plant here or there).
    The other is a slightly newish one in my apartment in the city. It is in this one that I'm learning anew how to 'urban garden'. The challenges are so intriguing! Every time I keep coming up against something so totally unexpected, I find I have to forget most of what I learnt in my older garden and literally think out of the gardening box. : )
    I'm glad you liked 'Garden Entrepreneurs'. I'm working on getting a photo for that.
    Keep checking in, I hope to have more interesting reads.

  3. Sunita: What wonderful descriptive pros! Without a photo I can see it all in my mind! Great post!Wish I was there with you! A pleasure to meet you! Thank you for stopping by Nature-trail! :) NG
    Tomorrow a garden party!

  4. Wow! A party ... what fun! I must drop by : )Thanks Nature Girl, its great meeting kindred spirits.
    I'm so thrilled that you liked my post. The monsoons electrify me ! They really make me feel as if I've just had an energy-boosting drink and everything has stepped up its pace.
    Maybe you could make a trip to India during the monsoons. Very interesting for a garden-happy person !

  5. Sunita: The peony is the most beautifull blossom to behold! It bursts from bud to layers of delicate frills with the most fragrant scent that fills the air! To hold one in your hand is absolutely pure delight! My home has displays in every nook and corner and to walk into my home the air is filled with her scent! I sure hope you return to my next post
    so I can continue my love affair with my peonies..soon to vanish until next year!a girl who loves peonies! NG

  6. It is just incedible to me to read your wonderful blog halfway over the world. You bring India home to us.
    You have a wonderful blog.
    Very Sincerely,
    Philip Bewley

  7. Thank you so much, Philip. You dont know how much your kind words encourage me. Please do keep checking in. I hope to post regularly and it would be nice to 'hear' what you think of them.
    By the way, if you don't mind my asking, how did you find my blog?


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