Monday, June 23, 2008

Monsoon gardening

So its raining and you don't need to water the plants anymore. Does this sound like everything you prayed for during the hot, muggy summer days?
Ever heard of too much of a good thing?

Here, it rained and stormed for days before letting up a bit now. All my plants are slowly holding up their broken and damaged stems and leaves for sympathy.

My asparagus fern which I was meticulously training over the window grill, has only got a lot of broken stems to show for all my trouble. I think it got thrown around too much in the strong gusty winds. I had to trim them off but already new spears are poking up to start afresh.

Luckily, I had already moved my dwarf convolvulus out of danger before it started storming. It was too young and had not got a firm grip on the window grill yet. The storm would have torn it to pieces. I had wanted to use it like a screen for privacy by letting it climb all over the grill. And the beautiful blue flowers would've been the bonus. Now I think I'll wait a bit before moving the pot back into its place.

The salt spray being flung up because of the strong winds, is playing havoc on everything. The ironwork is rusting, my computer has developped hiccups and is freezing, and my poor plants cant believe what's happening to them.

Here's Old Man Iron-Eater Sea. Dont be fooled by that calm exterior; the spray from those waves rise 3 storeys high after hitting the retaining wall.


  1. It hasn't flooded here in southeast Michigan, but it has been raining a lot. It also makes weeds grow!
    ~ Monica

  2. Hi Garden Faerie, I'm glad you found your way here.
    The rain that you've been getting in Michigan ... is it a seasonal thing? Here we are dependent on the South-West Monsoons for almost all our water supply. And considering that we get this rain only between June - September, it is the most awaited event in the whole country!
    Aren't weeds the pits ? Thats just about the worst part of the monsoons, in my opinion. Only thing is that in our tropical conditions here in India, weeds flourish and ramble until they look like a mini-jungle and who knows what lurks under them !
    The best part is that if you want something to grow, just toss some seeds almost anywhere you wish. No worries about sprouting anyway.


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