Saturday, May 31, 2008

Red-Hot Indian Summer!

Indian summer ...

red-hot, eye-popping colours ....

tree-loads of blooms to carpet the dawn ....

lazy days on the verandah, hunting for a breeze ....
a cool, cool breeze to sneak into your hair... drift across your face... tickle your neck ... and curl your toes in the sheer bliss of it ....

(photos : hibiscus, kanthari chili, gul mohur, golden laburnum )


  1. Vibrant red the colour of all summers against an infinite blue sky, beautiful...the summer words are tucked it is winter, and it is raining.

  2. Hi Titania!
    Winter and rain... not a very good combination for plants, I think. Or are you in the tropical part of Australia?
    Never mind.... it should give you plenty of time to plan out your summer garden : )
    Would it surprise you to know that in India (or, at least, my part of India), winter is the best season for gardens? Its not blazing hot then and the slightly cooler weather brings out all the bright colours (and the gardeners too).

  3. Truly red hot!
    Lovely photographs in all your posts. Came here via AT's blog.

  4. Thanks, Raji. I'm so glad you liked it.
    Especially since I'm still struggling to get the nuances right where photography is concerned.

  5. It's very interesting to see what people grow in other parts of the world. Keep bloggin it up!

  6. Aaah! but its even more interesting to see what I've done with plants that should rightfully grow in your part of the world. The kiss of death! : (
    The saddest thing is that I always keep hoping it'll be different the next time.


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