Monday, December 28, 2009


Another year whispers to its close. Mellow nostalgia tints the air. All that was bright and fruitful now shushurs a quiet completion.

"Our job is done, our days were long ... now let's rest," murmurs every vine and grass.
So the Sun beams a tad bit dimmer and Night lingers that much longer. And the Earth turns down the music of crickets and birdsong, pulls up a blanket of dry leaves to cuddle under, and breathes a contented sigh.
It's time to dream now. Of days gone by ... the exuberance of Spring , the carnival of Summer and the giddy excitement of the Monsoons.
Dream of triumphs of bounteousness. Smile at challenges met.
For a new year awaits in the wings. Impatiently, excitedly. Filled with more dreams and even more Hope.
Time enough to welcome it. But first, let's dream.


  1. Beautifully written, Sunita. The earth turning down the music and pulling up the blankets... time to dream... of the past and the future. Gardeners are incurable optimists, are we not? :)

  2. Sunita, a beautiful post and meaningful prose to end the year. Thank you for all the interesting and stimulating articles you have written during the pass year. Thank you for teaching me more about my own plants with your wisdom and experience. May you and your family have a healthy and happy New Year 2010!

  3. Guten Morgen, Sunita
    Schöne Worte hast Du gesagt, ja, jetzt ist auch hier bei uns die Zeit der Ruhe. Es ist so kalt, alles voller Schnee und Eis, das mag ich gar nicht.
    Auch Dir und Deinen Lieben wünsche ich ein wundervolles 2010!

    liebe Grüße Dörte

  4. Beautiful.

    Best wishes for the New Year, and happy blogging in 2010!

  5. Very nice. Here's hoping your next year is one filled with wonders and joy.

  6. Sunita, beautiful words and photos.

    Thank you for allowing us to get to know you this year, and we wish you a New Year filled with good health and much Joy! Diana

  7. Sunita, what a simply wonderful posting. I will indeed be dreaming through the winter of family, friends, gardens and flowers in the New Year to come. It has went by too swiftly but time marches on.
    I love the textures in your pictures, so pretty, and of course the bright sunshine upon them ;-)
    I am wishing you a wonderful New Year to come filled with your hearts desires.

  8. More dreams.. more hopes... more aspirations.. another year gone by... Some new dreams.. some new hopes.. *sigh*.. and a wish for all those to come true..

    Hope you are having a great time.. and wish you all the best for the new year!

  9. Oh, Sunita. Your words and photos wove a spell of lullabies putting the garden to sleep. Some quiet amidst our holiday festivities.

  10. I love this post. It is very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Beautiful post Sunita, the plants definitely have a melancholy feel as they end their life cycle.

  12. Beautifully written post. Wishing a Happy and healthy 2010 to you and your family Sunita!

  13. That we are without doubt, Grace. Who else would work so hard on unforgiving soil and battle with tenacious weeds to sow some dried up seeds which may never sprout. And then repeat this whole process time after time?

    Thanks, Autumn Belle. I wish you and your family the same too.
    If my posts have been of some ue to you, then my day is made. What am I saying? my whole year is made! :)

  14. Thank you, Dorte. I wish you the same too. With the sun shining outside it's difficult for me imagine your magical snow-filled land right now. This is probably a good time for you to plan your garden of 2010.

    Thanks, Rob. I hope you have a wonderful 2010 coming up too.

    That would be really nice, Shady C. Thanks! :)

    Di, thank you for those lovely wishes. I think it is my life that has been enriched by blogging. So many like-minded friends all over the globe!

  15. Thanks, Tyra. Its good seeing you here :)

    Thanks, Lona! :)
    I hope you have a wonderful year ahead and that it is rich with friends, family and everything you love best.

    True ... so much to dream about, so much to hope for. The anticipation is almost as good as the real thing, isn't it? Have a wonderful 2010, Patricia.

  16. Stephanie, what a lovely thing to say! I love the picture that you drew of lullabies for the garden :)

    Thanks, Jessica. Have a wonderful 2010! :)

    Absolutely, Rebecca! Its almost a feel of knowing their best is over and that there's nothing more to do except rest.

    Thanks, Helen. And here's wishing a wonderful year ahead for you and yours too :)

  17. Great words Sunita, best wishes and a Happy New Year 2010/ Hugs and Blessings - Tyra

  18. Thanks, Tyra. Here's hoping you have a wonderful, fulfilling 2010 filled with everything you love best.

  19. Full of wonders has the old year been now lets hope the New one will be too.
    A very happy New Year to you and your family, Sunita.

  20. Lovely images, the bokeh is awesome.

    Happy new year...Thomas

  21. Beautifully said, Trudi. Thank you and I hope you and your family have a wonderful 2010 too.
    Does it feel odd to see the rest of the world going on about the end of a the year when you are in the peak of summer and everything bountiful?

  22. Happy new year to you and Shilpi too, Thomas. I hope you have a great year ahead.
    And, thanks :)

  23. A very Happy New Year to you - a lovely posting full of hope for 2010 - thankyou! Let's hope this year is a good one with all sorts of wonderful things to look forward to in the garden amongst many other things...Miranda

  24. Hi Sunita,

    Its a lovely Year end dedications, along with some nice photographs!

    Wishing You the very best of Dreams n Fulfillments for Yr 2010!


  25. Miranda, I hope you have a wonderful year to look forward to both in the garden and everwhere else too.

    Thank you for those lovely wishes, Radhika. I wish there's happiness and every kind of good thing to everyone around the world.

    Thanks, Kamini :)


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