Friday, January 8, 2010

Bringing in a new year

This new year I hope you'll find plenty to sing about

that there's a whole lot of colour zinging up your life

that you'll find your place in the sun

And that you'll find sunsets as beautiful as every glorious sunrise

That you'll find plenty of "me" time

And that you'll find inspiration everywhere you go.
Happy 2010, everyone!


  1. What a great year you have planned for me...thank you! I hope that yours will be full of these wonders, too.

  2. Beautiful pictures Sunita, and thank you for the warm wishes. Happy New Year to you too. :) Rebecca

  3. All beautiful, Sunita, but oh baby baby, that orchid show got my attention! The feathered friend looks so happy amongst all the colors as well. The happiest of new years the whole 365 days to you!


  4. My best wishes to you too Sunita. Your photos are stunning!

  5. First, by way of apology, I'm cutting down my responses drastically. Not because I dont want to reply but because I've been banished to complete bed-rest for some time. A recurring case of slipped disc has showed up to mess up my days and since I can only function with my trusty, clunky desktop PC, my posting time seems to be curtailed severely. Sorry!

    Mmmm, yes, Stephanie. I would've added more if my post could've waited just a bit longer but I thought the 8th was cutting it too fine to be talking about 'bringing in' the new year ;)
    Have a great year :)

    Thanks, Rebecca, Helen. I wish you all the very best this year.

    Frances, I know exactly what you mean about those orchids. They really grab your eyeballs, dont they?
    That Crimson Sunbird was amazing ... a tiny bundle of crimson feathers, sparking awe everywhere it flew!

  6. Such lovely flowers and that bird is just stunning! A Happy New Year to you as well. I hope it brings you lots of joy and in the near term some relief for your back.

  7. So sorry to hear about your back, I hope you feel better soon.

  8. happy new year sunitha..lovely flowers.
    sorry to hear about your slipped disc.get well soon.

  9. Lovely New Year wishes presented in such glorious colour!
    Have a peaceful year, Sunita, and get well soon.

  10. Sunita. Sorry to year you are immobilized. Perhaps a good time to catch up on reading your garden books?
    Another suggestion "Tropical Garden Plants" by William Warrren ISBN 0-500-01795-6

  11. Sorry about the delayed reply, everyone. And yes, I'm much better now ... thanks so much for the concern :)

    Hi Shady C! Happy new year to you too. I love that bird. Its such a vivid explosion of colour!

    Oh yes, I'm much better now, Rebecca. I think I can move around much more comfortably now. It's just a bit unnerving though to suddenly feel like an older person.

    Hi Lakshmi! Hope 2010 is great for you too. And thanks! I'm glad you liked the photos :)

    Thank you Raji. And thanks for the e-mail. I'm waiting for you to come back and start your regular blogging again. Till then, enjoy your grand-daughter :)

  12. Happy New Year, Sunita :)

    Beautiful blooms...such wonderful colour to my eyes, as we are in a snowy landscape at the moment...

    Come and see...

  13. Get well soon, a very happy new year to you!

  14. Such beautiful pics to go with the lovely wishes!
    Wish you too a great year ahead and hope you get well soon :)

    I have been reading you for a while now.. loved your blog..guess i'm commenting here for the first time..just lovvvve the pics and the narration .. in every post :)

  15. Thanks,Wildlife gardener. Just one of the pleasures of gardening in the tropics :)

    Thanks, Bindu. Hope you have a great year too.

    Fantastic ! I love to hear from readers, especially those who have been reading my posts but didnt speak up till now. Its very motivating to hear what y'all have to say so dont feel shy, okay?
    Thanks for getting in touch, softlypinkgloriousred and thanks even more for the good wishes :)

  16. Gosh... I didn't send the usual get well soon not only because I was SHY but also didn’t want to sound hollow! Besides wanted to help you with at least 1 reply less. Wanted to ask your Bro about your well being; didn't, was SHYING there too! Wonder whether he is aware I am stalking (following) you.
    Ask hubby or the boys 2 help u ghost write!

  17. Barry, your suggestion of catching up on my reading is brilliant! Actually, I dont really need an excuse to lose myself in books :) Right now I'm reading 'Four seasons of orchids' by George Allikas and Ned Nash. Lots of tempting photos and for a change, lots of information that I can use in my warm-climate garden too. I'm getting a severe case of orchid-craving right now.

    That's fine, Nebu. You're right, I really was in no condition to write for some days.
    As for help with my writing, don't give me nightmares! This may end up as a sports / business blog instead.

  18. Sunita, first I'd like to wish you a happy and healthy year ahead. Do take time to rest and relax so as to get well soon. I like your scenery picture with ships sailing against the horizon. And speaking about orchids, I am orchid crazy too eventhough I still don't know how to name/categorise them.

  19. Hello Sunita! So sorry that you've been bothered by that slipped disc. Back pain is a very nasty thing, and yes, it makes one feel old the way it takes away our ability to get around normally. I do hope you're feeling much better by now.
    Thanks for these lovely wishes and beautiful photos. I've so much enjoyed reading your latest posts and could chat up a storm about them, but this is supposed to be a just short comment! :)
    Suffice it say say I'm always enchanted by the way you use words so cleverly and descriptively. They seem to bubble freely forth from your creative mind. And your colorful photos are just the icing on the cake.
    I love sharing your little corner of the world. Thank you!
    Wishing you health, happiness and inspiration for this brand new year, dear friend.

  20. Autumn Belle, sorry about the late reply. And, thank you, I'm much better now and just itching to garden ! The photo of the sunset was actually taken in your part of the world (well, almost)... in Singapore. Its so beautiful, isn't it? That was one of the things that fascinated me about Singapore... it's skies are so beautiful any time of the day, every day!
    Dont worry too much about being able to name orchids. Maybe reading up about them on the Net or in books will help you a bit.

  21. Hello Kerri! Its so good to see you here again, and as always, reading your comments always leaves me with a big smile on my face!Thank you for your lovely words and even nicer wishes.
    Yes, thank you, I'm much, much better now. It has to be the most frustrating thing in the world when our body refuses to co-operate. I cant wait to be out and about the garden again.

  22. That was wonderful post. Belated Happy New Year, Sunita!

  23. Beautiful blooms but i love the torch ginger with the bird. Other photos would have been more beautiful if not so pixelized or very small size. May you also be fully blessed this 2010. BTW, i came in via Tanya's. thanks.

  24. A much belated but still - wish you a very Happy New Year, dear Sunita.
    Saying anything about the post would be repeating myself - your words weave magic.
    I am so sorry about your disc problem, hope you recover fast and be back with a vengeance, unleashing all the creative juices which must be lying pent up in a creative person like you.

  25. Hi Sunita,
    Hope you get much better.
    I love all the colours you have posted. They look so vibrant & give a burst of life.
    That sunbird is so beautiful, It is truly marvelous to capture it on camera.

  26. Hi Sunitha, hope you are back in your garden by now:-)

  27. lovely pics sunita. And wish you very best of health. your fellow gardeners are sure missing your posts.

  28. Hi Chandramouli. Thanks! Here's hoping you have a great year ahead and that your novel is a best-seller :)

    Thanks Andrea, I'm glad you liked the photo of the Crimson Sunbird. It's a personal favourite for me too.
    By the way, all the photos expand to full-screen size if you click on them. I hope you'll take a second look at them :)

    Thanks so much, Green Thumb! I think I've already told you several times over that your comments always leave me with a huge big smile on my face.
    My disc problem is much better so long as I dont try travelling by rickshaw down Mumbai's crater-filled roads (my doctor's words, not mine)! You're right, I'm just itching to get back to gardening again.

    Hi James! Yeah, I'm much better... thanks! :) The sunbird is from your part of the world, clicked on a holiday to Singapore. It was so beautiful!

    Hi Bindhu! Well, almost. I'm inching my way towards it. ;)

    Thanks, Muhammad. That was a very nice thing to say :) I have to admit that I really miss blogging just as much as gardening. Look out for a new post soon.

  29. Happy New Year! Love the pic of doggie laying in the sunny grass. So relaxing to the soul...

  30. Beautiful pics... Lovely post. Loved your blog, its beautiful pics and wealth of information you share here.

  31. Beautiful photos everyone but I am taken by the red bird on ginger? ... how did I miss this post? Lovely!

  32. Ooops! I thought I had replied to you Skeeter, Iniyaal... sorry!

    I know exactly what you mean, Skeeter. There's something so blissfully at peace in that photo, isn't there?

    Hey, thanks Iniyaal. I'm so, so glad you liked this post and my blog :)

    Hi Carol! It's great seeing you here.
    I love that photo too. That's a Crimson Sunbird who decided to feed no matter who was around (and there were plenty!)

  33. That crimson sunbird is amazing!!

    And what delightful captions! :))

    We have moved to a new city and I have been away from this gorgeous place... exploring all that I have missed... I am sure you are having a great 2010, my heartiest wishes :)

  34. Thanks, IHM!:)
    The Sunbird is gorgeous isn't he? Truly heart-stoppingly beautiful!
    How was the move? Mumbai is going to miss you. Any plans to move back here again?

  35. Oh, here is your doggie. Hi Doggie. What is your name?


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