Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September Soul

September strums a scarlet rhythm.
Blood red ... fiery red ...
Sensuous, sultry, passionate, scandalous,
Glorious, vibrant, sizzling, sinful red ...

An enter the blood-stream and saturate the senses red.
A flood the brain and tantalise the mind red.
A throb in the heart and tug at the soul red.

It is Summer's last hurrah. The monsoons have been sent packing.
Now, bring on the show-stoppers... cock a snook at the chill winds waiting to shiver down from the icy Himalayas.
Not yet, not yet ... there is still time for a dragonfly to frolic. Spinning, whirling, darting, tip-toeing ...

The fiery sun blazes still, lighting a zillion crimson flames across the land.

Crimson, vermilion, scarlet, razzmatazz ,
Coral, ruby, cinnabar, cerise...

Shake you awake, scream in your face,
Set fire to your soul,
Pour soul into motion

Strut and sway, scorch and swirl
For that's the way of the September world.


  1. Hi Sunita~~ It's the scarlet/oranges who "scream in [my] face." Crimson, ruby, cerese, and cherry, cardinal, garnet, burgundy, rose, maroon, rouge, wine, raspberry, carmine, merlot, claret..... sing to my soul, thereby setting it into motion. Especially when I'm plant shopping. LOL

    Beautiful poem and pictures. The bougainvillea and vinca look like they shop at the same boutique. :] Love it.

    And thank you for visiting my blog. Your kind words are much appreciated.

  2. You take wonderful photos. I love the fourth one down that looks like golden foliage and red jewels. What is that plant?

  3. Splendid!! love the crimson hues. Keep posting, it's pleasure to visiting your blog...

  4. Mmmmhmmm ... plant shopping! You sing the loveliest tune, Grace ;D
    You know I hadn't noticed about the bougainvillea and vinca till you pointed it out. They really are soul-sisters! How clever of you to notice it.

  5. Evolutionofagardener, that is actually the seedpod of the Red Bead Tree (Adenanthera pavonina). The bright red seeds are really eye-catching, arent they?

  6. Now you'll make me blush scarlet, Urban Green.
    No, actually very little makes me blush. Fluster, maybe (definitely) but blush? I dont think so :D

  7. Sunita, you've done it again. Those photos are so eye-catching - must be all that red! And your writing is a worthy accompaniment. Thanks for the treat this morning.

  8. You are like Molten Lava Sunita....Hot! Love your prose, it is exciting and sensuous. Girl you've got rhythm. Love the photos and the red theme.

  9. Sunita, I love how the pictures come alive with each sentence you write. You do have a way with words and I like the reds today.

  10. Did it shake you awake too, Stephanie? :D
    Think what I'm faced with every morning . There's so much electricity in the air!

    Ah! but we're tropical girls, Helen, you and me. Red calls to us, doesn't it?

    Hi Autumn Belle! Red has a way of doing that. Just a dash of it is enough to bring anything alive. A lot of it is like an explosion! :D

  11. Love your pics...especially the bougainvillea!

  12. Hi Sunita
    Nice of you to pop over to visit my blog.
    What lovely rich colours your flowers have.

  13. Hi Sunita - have just found your blog via Shirls Wildlife blog - love your photots and living in France it's always fun to follow other people's blogs outside the UK too... hope you don't mind but will add yours to my regular blog listing... have a good week Miranda

  14. Hi Mini! Its good to see you here. mmm... that is such a shake-me-awake red isn't it? :D

  15. All part of September sorcery, Joanne :)

  16. Hi Miranda. I'm glad you came by to visit. I know exactly what you mean ... I love finding new blogs which I enjoy too :)
    And thanks for thinking of adding The Urban Gardener to your blog-list.

  17. Red really captures the eye, doesn't it! I think around here it may be because it's relatively rare in nature. But now the red maples are living up to their name. I encountered one on a walk last weekend that just knocked my eye out--like your images! Thanks, as always, for sharing your view of your world with us.

  18. September's last hurrah has just been made very very memorable by you. Always a pleasure to read your mellifluous...gliding effortlessly from word to word.

  19. Hi Shady C! That must've been awesome, seeing a red maple in all its autumn finery. I've never actually seen one except in photos but I think it was made for my garden. Now if I could only figure out a way to get our climate to co-operate!

  20. Hi Green Thumb! That was a wonderful thing to say!
    Are you still getting any of those rain showers? If you are then lucky you!

  21. Wow! That was really beautiful!
    There is an award for you on my blog :-)

  22. Thank you, Bindu. That is such a lovely gesture :)

  23. What a fabulous ode to September! It is so apt for the fall season here in New York, where soon, a lot of the foliage will turn into brilliant reds, oranges, yellows and browns.

  24. Autumn is something we only hear about in India, isn;t it, Kamini? But it must be lovely watching the foliage turn colour.
    We in umbai, however are witnessing the revival of summer after the (so-calld) monsoons. October is the hottest month and we're just sweating our way into it :P

  25. Your reds are so beautiful Sunita.

  26. Adios! to Bright n Beautiful September Scarlets...Stunning snaps Sunita :)

  27. Thanks you Sunita for stopping by at by blog.

    I got that rose from my sister's neighbour. It was so easy to propagate by cuttings.

    And about weather here, its getting cooler now. Hope your tour will bring more cherished memories for you

    I also love that road and the view from Naggar.

  28. Lovely reds and oranges for September! I like the photo of the red bead tree.

  29. Shhh, I will have to admonish you for talking loudly.
    The vermilion seeds set in the golden seed pod would make a perfect piece of jewellery! Lovely pics, as always. And congrats on winning the award and nominations!!

  30. Thanks, Tina. Just one of the good things about being tropical :)

    Adios indeed, Ever Green Tree! You wont believe what's happening though... Ma Nature seems to be blowing raspberries at me. After resigning myself to suffering through the hottest month of the year, October, I suddenly find its raining! Can you believe it?
    Oh but I love the rains .... mmm-hmm!

    Zindagi, I dont have a a trip to Kullu fixed yet... that's just very high on my dream-list. I wish, I wish ... you know what I mean? I'd love to be there right now!

    Thanks, Lotusleaf :)
    The Red Bead Tree is quite spectacular isn't it? Just as spectacular is the ground beneath the tree. It's dotted with red jewel-like seeds all around.

    Ooops! Sorry Shailaja! I always did talk too much. Online, that is. Off it, I think I must be the most reclusive person ever :P
    I've been thinking the same thing too. I'd love to use those bright red seeds in some kind of jewellery. They're so eye-catching!
    Thanks! I loved getting the nominations because they were so totally unexpected and Rajee's award left me with a nice warm happy feeling.

  31. Dear Sunita, you are the sweetest thing! Thanks so much for those kind words and link love! Your reds fit right into the the blushing radiating from this lsptop! The red beads, I rmember you writing about them before? A necklace perhaps? Your writing is so silky to my eyes, perfect to match the pictures. I imagine you dancing amongst red tropical jewels. :-)

  32. Frances, you have one stunning, wonderfully-readable, excellent blog, my friend!So quit all your blushing! All that I said about you and Faire Garden is nothing but the truth :)
    The red beads are wonderful aren't they? I really, really like them. Dancing? Yes, maybe I will at that! :D

  33. Dear Sunita,
    You have captured my favorite reds and organges so beautifully with your lens and your fine words. Not an easy task through the lens... I especially enjoy the "parts" of the flowers so mysteriously filling the frame.
    Always a joy to visit.
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

  34. Hi Meems! I think photographing red anthuriums in natural light is the biggest challenge. The spathe is so glossy that in the glare it looks white. A bit too much shade and the fine detailing doesn't show up. Which is why it doesn't feature in this post though I would've loved to include it.
    Mmmm.... sometimes the "parts" are the best part, right? So very interesting to photograph :)

  35. Love your poem and photos Sunita. You have a 'knack' for poetry & creative writing, that's for sure!

  36. Hi Jan! Its so good to see you here.
    Thank you, I do enjoy writing and having a garden blog seems to prompt it just that bit more.

  37. Wow..
    You have captured the essence of RED. So gloriously warm as blood.

  38. Thanks, James! Of course being another tropical gardener, you should know just what reds do to the garden, right? :)


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