Thursday, February 19, 2009

Take a closer look

Have you ever noticed how things look so totally different ... almost unrecognisable ... when you get a really, really close look at them?
The photo above is of an unfurling French Marigold. I had not quite realised that they unfurl tightly curled layer by layer until I saw this one.

This is how it looked when fully open . The Grass Yellow butterfly was a bonus :)

And this? A very green pineapple which toppled over and continued growing sideways instead of upright.

Who would guess that a cheery yellow gerbera would have a ring of spikes and curls at the centre ?

It isn't just teenagers who have to battle a pimply face. Except, in an anthurium, it would be its raison d'etre ... a well-pollinated spadix with dozens of little baby anthurium-hopefuls in the making.

A wide-eyed look can melt anyone's heart ... or scare the tail feathers off a hungry bird. Depends on who's looking at this Peacock Pansy butterfly.

Now guess what's in the photo below if you can.

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  1. I'm guessing it's part of a flower! :-) It could be most any -- lobelia? Or an iris, perhaps? Things really DO look different in macro mode. Great shots.

  2. So truly said. The closer, micro look shows you how many complex stages a flower or plant goes through before showing its macro beauty.
    Awesom photos, Sunita!

  3. Lovely pictures, Sunita. My favourite one is the 'eyes' on the butterfly: it's as if it's saying: "Do you mind?!"

  4. I'm with Nancy, it's part of a flower-the inside part:) Lovely macros and beauty Sunita.

  5. The macro really brings us up close and personal to find the amazing characteristics of a plant or other object, doesn't it?
    Those soulful 'eyes' on the butterfly are scare me if I was a bird :)
    I'm wondering if your pink beauty could be an orchid perhaps? It's very hard to guess.
    Your close-ups are lovely, Sunita :)

  6. Amazing shots! Love the 'eyes' of the Peacock Pansy. Is the last shot part of an orchid?

  7. Sunita, the butterfly eyes are great.I would not want to get lost in the jungle of the yellow gerbera either:) Is it a orchid bloom?

  8. A digital camera with macro is on top of my wish list for X-mas. These photos are just gorgeous!!!!
    I can look at each one of them for a really long time.
    I don't know which flower it is on the last picture, but I think it shows the inside of it. Maybe an orchid?

  9. I know! I know! It's the lip of an orchid, I'd bet a dendrobium, but I am not a taxonimist. :) Hugs from the cold land. Lisa

  10. Oh, a Quiz! What's the prize??
    Errr....and the answer, please?

  11. Hi Sunita,
    I knew the other ones, but not this one. You picked the hardest one for us! It's quite pretty, though! Great pics!

  12. Fantastic! You just can't fool a gardener, can you?
    It IS a peek inside an unfurling dendrobium orchid bud ... take a bow, Lisa!
    You were right, Nancy and Tina, as far as the inside of a flower goes.
    And Kerri, Kanak,Hocking Hills Gardener and HelenJ got the orchid part perfectly right.

    Playing with the camera's macro setting is great fun, isnt it Chandramouli?
    HelenJ get your macro-setting camera fast! I didnt even know my camera had it when I bought it it and now I love it!

    Victoria, I almost felt like I should be apologising to the butterfly for intruding.

    Sue, sorry if it was too tough to guess. I should've known a dendrobium orchid is not the easiest guess for those in colder lands.

    Shailaja, the winner gets crowned Garden Goddess for a day (or as long as this post lasts) . I wish my computer skills extended to crafting an award graphic.

  13. Ooo, I'm so happy I guessed it right!
    BTW, I wanted to tell you that I saw an Oakleaf butterfly for the first time on my blooms. I had thought they weren't found in these parts but I was wrong.
    It helped that your wonderful images were on my mind...I saw the 'leaf' first and then the amazing blue.
    Thank you once again for that great post!

  14. Kanak, I hope you got plenty of photos! Which flower was it favouring, do you remember?
    It is fantastic at camouflage isnt it?
    And congrats again on guessing right :)

  15. O.k I joined the party late... but I too thought it was the orchids you had posted growing on your pink cassia ...honestly :) ... are there any drum rolls or trumpets ...for the latecomers ... sigh I guess not... then again...I'll wait and be happy with your next post... whats it...whats it...

  16. Lovely pics, and a quiz with it. Is it maybe an orchid?

  17. Oh, no!
    I see you have already mentioned the answer.

    Well I shall comfort myself with the thought that I was right.

  18. Beautiful photos. I love the pineapple close-up.

  19. Oh... sorry Rajee, the drums and trumpets marched off to join the wedding band on the road.
    Er, will party hooters do? Yeah, I think you definitely deserve at least that :D

  20. Raji, good guess. I'm beginning to think that I was too quick to announce the answer. I should've waited at least one more day. Next time!

  21. Thanks, Happy Mouffetard! I took that photo of the pineapple last year.
    BTW, it was very tasty too ;)

  22. I'm too slow to say "orchid" myself! Isn't great what reveals itself when you look so closely? I had no idea the marigolds opened the way they do!

  23. You're not too slow, Lostlandscape, I think I was too quick to jump the gun. I obviously have yet to master the art of building up a mystery!
    I had no idea about the marigold myself. It looks like a lady in curlers, doesnt it?

  24. I saw it after reading in your next post that it is an orchid but what a fascinating series of pictures!

  25. Thanks, Mridula! Maybe next time you can join in on the fun and guessing games?

  26. Those are all very pretty close-up shots, and I particularly enjoy the marigold shot. Lovely!

  27. Very interesting close ups, Sunita. World looks very interesting when you get that close. I enjoy those eye spots of the Peacock Pansy, which occurs in my local patch here.

  28. Beautiful series of Macro images. The details are so sharp

  29. Thanks, MsRobin ! I'm quite partial to the marigold shot myself :)

    Hi Kim! The Gerbera surprised me... I had no idea it would look like something out of a medieval dungeon!

  30. I should have known! Amila, do you know how many sites I crawled to find out its name? And all I need to have done was give you a shout!
    By the way, I'm glad to hear you're okay. The news from your part of the sub-continent is a little disturbing and I did wonder ... (so you get to know that I have no sense of geography or directions either!)

  31. Thanks Thomas! Unfortunately I cant claim any credit for the sharp images. Since acceptance speeches seem to be the flavour of the season ... I would like to thank Canon for tweaking their cameras until even a newbie like me has a master photographer appreciating my photos ;)


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