Saturday, February 21, 2009


A very short post this time ... is this what you had guessed when you saw the last photo in my previous post ?
Just about everyone guessed it was the inside of a flower . You just can't fool a gardener, can you? ;)
And all who guessed it is an orchid, you're absolutely right. So, take a bow ... Kerri, Kanak, Lona, HelenJ . And yes, though I'd already announced the answer, you too Rajee, Happy Mouffetard , Raji and Lostlandscape. I'm positive you knew the answer and I goofed by publishing the answer too early.
But the one who takes the crown and gets to be called Garden Goddess here is Lisa (Michigoose) ! You're absolutely right, Lisa, it is a Dendrobium orchid bud . How on earth did you get it so right ?


  1. It was a very clever photo, Sunita.
    Amazing that Lisa could guess so precisely! She's a super gardener! :)

  2. Wow, that's a beautiful one. Well, I wouldn't have guess as I've never ever grown one or for that matter, even seen one in real! But it does look appealing. Man! I can never grow enough plants! You give me a ten thousand varieties and I'd go around looking for ten thousand and one...

  3. That was hard! I am happy to settle with being half right-the inside of a flower:)

  4. That she is, Kerri. And Lisa is very knowledgeable about orchids. In fact she compiled the orchid FAQs page at GardenWeb. Is it any wonder that she zeroed in on the dendrobium orchid ?

    Chandramouli, perhaps you've seen the fully open flower. Its commonly used in bouquets and flower arrangements. It looks a bit different in the bud stage.
    Looks like you've got the Gardeners Malady. I'm sorry to say its incurable. There's always room for more plants in our wishlist.

    Tina, I'm beginning to think I was a bit unfair. Especially since the dendrobium is such a warmth lover and most of you are still in the grips of Ole Man Winter.

  5. I'm happy I guessed the orchid part right!:) Love the photo!

  6. I missed out on this Sunita .. looks like it was a good guessing game : )

  7. Sunita you have all these (counting the pictures I saw in the previous post too) in your own garden? AMAZING.

  8. Phew! You had got me a bit worried there for a minute, Tina :) Glad you enjoyed it!

    Kanak, that was very clever of you. Way to go!

    Joy, yeah, i played party pooper and gave away the secret too early ( after almost everyone guessed right or were on their way there). Maybe next time?

    Mridula, I think that note of incredulity is more because my garden is in Mumbai, right? LOL! You should see what all the other garden bloggers are growing.... enough to give me an inferiority complex that I may never recover from!

  9. Sorry I missed this too, Sunita! It's a bit difficult to stay on top of all my favorite bloggers! And time always seems to get away from me. It sounds like everyone had fun;) I will have to watch for more! The orchid is gorgeous, and I love that shade of purple!

  10. i saw the answer first and the question later :)

    anyways, u do have an amazing garden

  11. Maybe next time, Jan? I'm sorry you missed this one. I'm kicking myself for announcing the answer too soon :P

    Hi Sandeep ! Good to see you over here.
    I wish it worked that way in real life too. It would've made things so much easier! :D

  12. Sunita... seriously can I gt a lesson in orchid growing... even a basic one will...I am a disaster...with a capital 'D' ... infact all capitals...'DISASTER' ... and I love them ... kind of reminds me of your vishkanyas...:(

  13. Done! Rajee, lets de-fang your vishkanya method of orchid-growing.

    p.s. I hate to say this but orchids are the easiest thing to grow in our climate. Just treat them to a healthy dose of neglect!
    In any case I'm assured that one isnt a serious orchid grower until one has killed off at least 100 orchids. What number are you on? ;)

  14. Oh!.... now she asks... well after the first few ... dion't know how many I may have in sheer depression and despiration ... easy eeh!... ask me... I would stand i front of them every day and tell them how much I love themmmmm.... Oh..God.. may be it was an overdose of love ... if not complete ignorance... oh ...please please do I have hope ...
    You know Sunita I got to know about this orchid farm in Karjat... have been meaning to drive down ... have you heard of it...??? been there...??? I'm scared the'll probably sniff I'm an orchid killer... ;D

  15. absolutely the wrong approach, Rajee. You've got to ignore them most of the time. Ask me... I pampered my first 20 and killed all of them. Then I got more and did better with them. Now after about 15+ years of messing with them and after learning the art of neglecting about 1000 orchids, I think I've finally figured them out :D
    I still lose some but I get more keikis (orchid babies) from my plants..
    Orchid farm in Karjat? No, I dont think I've heard of them.If you do go there, let me know how it was. Take tons of photos okay?


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