Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bee Happy!

I've never noticed so many bees in my garden before . Well, I never actually went looking for them but I'm sure they noticed me! But by all accounts, my garden seems to have got the Bee Stamp of Approval.

My birdbath seems to be their favourite waterhole with its rocky sides and shallow ends. And they're not even possessive of it . They're always ready to share with the resident mynahs, bulbuls, magpie-robins, and all those migratory birds who stop over on their long journeys from Siberia and other frozen lands.

I discovered a hive swinging from a teak tree. This seems to be a new one.
Earlier, they used to make them on our coconut trees and every time our coconut buyer used to send someone up the tree to havest the nuts, they would also clear the tree of old leaves and debris. And, down would come another hive. Surprising, but I've yet to hear of anyone being stung while doing this, though.
Well, it looks like the bees have smartened up and switched to teak trees. No one's likely to disturb them there for quite some time.

I dont know what kind of bee this is but she's a real cutie, dont you think?

She was so tiny that the drying curl of a Spathiphylum leaf was a great hammock for her. I had to use the Macro setting on my camera to capture her.

And then there was this little fellow. He had found this Brazilian Button Flower (Centratherum intermedium ) and was getting drunk on it. He kept weaving in and out of it and in the process, was getting thoroughly coated with its pollen.

It's nice to know that in a time when gardeners and farmers are worrying about dwindling bee populations, my garden is seeing a population boom.
Or, maybe all those other bees have moved in here?
All I can say is, "Welcome!"


  1. Wow! How exciting to find a beehive instead of a red ant hill (which I did here)! BTW, did you say magpie robin? Wow! Though Bombay's a busy city, I see it doesn't lack in wildlife unlike Chennai. Now, people should really start realizing what they're missing! Only when you start gardening do you realize that absence. There's a close relation between them and plants.

  2. Hi Sunita... Have you heard from Kanak?? Im a bit worried for her....
    Do you know enything?

  3. I liked the first image a lot. The composition is just amazing

  4. I forgot to add. Checkout the images of the tiger we sighted on 31st Dec...Thomas

  5. It seems like you have created a great habitat for the bees, with water, cover, plenty of flowers, and an appreciative landlord.
    I like your closeup of the bee. When you get down to the bee's level, it is a whole other mysterious world (complete with custom furniture).

  6. Wow! That is also a pretty neat beehive.

  7. Cute post! I'm glad to learn the bees are alive and well where you live. You have such a lovely environment for them to make them feel at home.

  8. Oh yes, Chandramouli, Mumbai is one of those amazing cities which has room for anyone who comes calling. I think it is the only major city which has a wildlife sanctuary right slambang in the middle of it !
    The magpie-robins are found all over the place here and very perky, friendly birds they are too!

  9. Linda, Kanak was away for about 10 days. I think she'll be blogging again any day now. But yeah, I know what you mean ... after hearing about the trouble in her city I made a frantic call and got through to her home and was told she's still at Chennai.

  10. Thomas, that IS amazing! Doubly so, in fact... after all you got to see him in the first place!

  11. NS, I love your idea of Bee-world with custom-made furniture! :D
    I must admit that when I first started noticing so many bees around my first instinctive thought was one of fear for my children who run all over the garden without really looking where they're going. But the bees have been so harmless so far that I've soon got over that.
    Plus, I love the benefits that my garden is obviously getting from this group of tenants ;)

  12. Yeah, Tina, isnt it? I think they're really smart to move their hive to one of the tallest trees around.

  13. Thanks, Barbee! Its great to know that I dont have to worry about pollinators for some time now ;) Plus, we dont use chemicals in my garden so that should reassure them!

  14. Ohh Gosh! This is so beautiful and makes me so delighted that I can't leave without letting you know abot it.
    Wonderful job. You must have an awesome garden and in Mumbai thats so cool.
    The furnitures for Bees reminds me of "the Bee Movie" they had a tv/radio station even...

  15. Hi Mini! I'm so glad you did comment here. I love it when someone does that.
    I think its the blogging which has got me to actually notice a lot of things in my garden. What fun!
    The bees really have it made, dont you think? They even have so many bars at their door-step where they can indulge to their tiny heart's content!

  16. Great photos of the bees and blooms, Sunita. So...that's where all of our bees are?! I enjoy watching them in my garden, they're so intent on their job.

  17. Great photo shots! I really like the bees for some reason...

  18. You have to love the little bees our most industrious of pollinators! This is what the gardeners who aren't organic are missing out on. The real wonders of nature; bees, butterflies, beetles, et al. It's a good thing to know they are doing ok over there. I've heard many people talk of not seeing many bees this year. I don't seem to have any problem here though! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!


  19. Since all we have is snow right now, it's wonderful to see bees and flowers!

  20. Well I haven't read gardening blogs before, so among all blogs that I've read - this post is first of its kind. Garden Bee huh. Never knew you could churn out readable material from that. Kudos to you for successfully doing it. Gives me food for thought!

  21. Thanks, Magiceye!

    I think they're having a tropical holiday, Kim ;)
    I love watching them hard at work when I'm lazing around .

    Thanks, Leon. I know what you mean about liking bees! They work so hard and makes one feel so good about not having to work that much! :D

    Thanks Eric! Obviously you've got an organic garden too.
    On a side note : can you imagine what is running through my neighbours' minds when they see me hunkering down to photograph bees and bugs?!

    Mountain.mama, I had a quick peek at your blog and I'm amazed that people live with so much snow around. Absolutely breath-takingly beautiful, but.... brrrr! (Please remind me of this when our boiling-hot summer steam cooks me, okay? )

    Hi Kalyan! Readable, huh? Thanks. Actually you'll find plenty of garden-related blogs which use the garden as a stepping stone while talking about everything else under the sun! Look around, I'm sure you'll find plenty more that you enjoy reading. :)

  22. Dear Sunita,
    I love your bees...I love bugs in general...and birds and blooms and all of Mother Nature...
    Looking forward to reading your journal and getting to know you and your spot of heaven on earth...
    Happy New Year,

  23. Hi Sherry! Happy New Year to you too.
    We seem to be birds of a feather with our love for all of Ma Nature's creations :)
    Waiting to read your reaction to the rest of The Urban Gardener. Thanks for choosing to follow this blog. Its going to be fun having you here again.

  24. Lovely bee-pics, I can almost hear them buzzing...
    Happy New Year, Sunita, I look forward to many interesting posts from you this year!

  25. Happy New Year to you too, TIG! It's great to see you posting here again.
    Maybe I should record the 'happy bee buzz' and mail it to you in snow-bound Seattle. It'll get you thinking of Spring and gardens again :)

  26. Hi Sunita...Please stop over at my main blog, I have a little something for you!

  27. Hi Sunita,
    That's a lotta bees! It is interesting, in light of the fact that we hear how they are dwindling. I suppose you might have a better set-up than most;) All that TLC you offer keeps them coming back to you!

  28. Kim! Thank you... you're a great friend. I wish you lived closer to me so we could at least visit. Oh well, we can at least chat over the Net every other day. Isnt the internet wonderful?!

  29. Jan, more than TLC, I think its the fact that I leave them alone that keeps them happy. That and the flowers I grow .... and the birdbath which is their waterhole! ;)

  30. I adore that picture of the little bee looking at you upside down. Also very glad to hear that bees are thriving in your garden, as the bee population seems to be seriously endangered by the mysterious "hive collapse" syndrome.

  31. Yeah, Anne, isn't she cute?! I love her bright yellow leggings too. A bee with a very boho idea of style!
    I've got to find out more about this "hive collapse" syndrome. It sounds scary! Doubly so for gardeners and farmers.

  32. Wonderful series. Bees are very important to a healthy eco system, so it's great to hear that they've found a good home in your garden.

  33. Thanks, Marc. I'm quite pleased with the bees in my garden. I suppose I've got to thank them more than I know when I see my plants thriving and fruiting so well.

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  35. Uh Oh! Antigonum Cajan, I'm afraid the wordiness is almost like an occupational hazard when one reads my writing. I just cant seem to stop writing more and more.
    Maybe its got something to do with the fact that I'm not talkative at all in person; its just when I write / type that I cant seem to stop!
    And the chumminess results from knowing so many of my regular readers so I feel like I'm addressing them personally. I'm sorry if you found it too overwhelming ... maybe you could skip a couple of paragraphs and zero in on the photos if that's what you prefer. Hey, I wont feel insulted... to each, his own.
    And, thank you for the wonderful compliment, I really treasure that.

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