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Travel: More floral artistry in Zurich

Travel tourism in Zurich, florists and plants

So did you get an eyeful of the glorious flowers that Zurich's florists dish out in my last post?
I do have one more florist whose work demands to be featured too. I was overwhelmed by the gorgeous plant and floral art created by Regula Guhl and her team at ' Blumenbinder ' on Oberdorfstrasse, Zurich.

It was just down the road from my hotel  and within strolling distance from the other florists that I had blogged about in my last post (which makes me believe that perhaps Zurich has no idea how much of floral riches it has, waiting to be discovered!).

I was walking off a particularly satisfying lunch when I saw a couple of very fashionably dressed ladies leaning in and ooh-aahing over something.
Pelargonium blooming at a florist shop in Zurich

Then I moved in closer and discovered that it was oooh! ... simply drool-some !
"Pelargonium," one of them was whispering to the other.
Was it? I have no idea, I had never seen this plant before. But I do know that if I had been living in Zurich longer I would have grabbed this large pot of pink happiness for myself.

Here's a closer look so you'll know just what I mean. (And if you know its name, do tell me)

Then I got a clearer look at the space which had been hidden from view till then and found a whole profusion of potted plants and bunches of flowers ... hydrangeas and morning glories and geraniums and poppies and even an exuberantly blooming hibiscus.
It was so beautifully arranged and displayed!
If you don't believe me, check out the first photo in this post and then tell me that you aren't drawn to all those little plants, full of blooms and each in its own little bark pot.
That is so clever! I love the look of bark around a pot. So infinitely more attractive than ugly plastic pots. I really must try that with some of my own plants at home.
Plant display at a florist shop in Zurich

On second look, the bark,  like the cane basket, was more like a cache-pot into which the original pot was inserted to make it look prettier. Guess what? It worked!

But there's something about the flowers here. They look ... happy! I cant think of a better description. Well-cared for, happy and displayed to their best advantage. I love places that lavish so much care over their plants.

So I had to meet the people who were responsible for this. I went in to find Regula and her team busy in prepping whole bunches of flowers which some of them were arranging in large buckets and placing some against the wall.

Of course, I had to tell them that I'm a plant addict and flower-junkie too. Just standing in that room with the fragrance of hundreds of flowers wafting from every side and seeing huge clouds of blooms smothering every available inch of space, was sheer heaven!
So Regula took a break from her work to listen to my excited gasps of how exquisite everything was and Angela, one of the lovely florists there, gave me a rose to sniff ... and laughed delightedly as my eyes grew wider.
I swear that rose smelled divine! I forgot the name of the rose (me and my non-existent memory!) but if you take a look at the photo above, you can see it, I think. The white roses in the bucket on the floor ... heavenly!

But I didn't want to distract Regula and her team much longer so I wandered back outside to gasp over the potted plant display all over again. Take a look...

Flowering plants for sale in Zurich

Flowering plants on sale in Zurich

Flowering plants for indoor spaces

When a display like this can take the attention of a little kid away from an ice-cream, you know it has to be simply awesome, right?
Love, love, LOVE these!!! Wish I could have brought all of them home.
Or better still, I guess I'll have to work on finding great reasons to return to Zurich and sinking myself in botanical ecstasy all over again.
Yep! That sounds like a great plan to me ...
Beautiful display of flowering plants for indoor or outdoor spaces


  1. Beautiful Sunita.... your post and the pics as well... some of the flowers I remember have seen in the hills of Himalayas where I belong to.. Lovely Post..

    1. Thank you, Kaivi!
      Oh! The Himalayas! I do envy you. Such a beautiful space and the most beautiful flowers do seem to grow there.
      Thank you for coming over. Hope to see you here again soon :)

  2. Those are just beautiful. I have a big box of all sorts of cachepots that I've used for my orchids in their blah clear pots and other plants boring plastic. Doing a little weeding of possessions but I don't want to part with many (any?) of them. It's great that you spoke with the florist. I'm sure they enjoy visitors who have such appreciation for their wares and art.

    1. I know exactly how you feel, Shady C! Its a wrench, even thinking of weeding out possessions, isnt it?!
      I thoroughly enjoyed talking to the florists. I always seem to gravitate towards like-minded people ... the plant-addicts and flower-junkies :D

  3. "
    Good to have you back blogging Sunita. Zurich looks lovely, or at least the florists do! Is that mystery plant some sort of Cranesbill? It is difficult to know without seeing the leaves, but the flowers look right! "
    Nick Morgan, I'm sorry but I seem to have clicked the wrong button and I cant find your message among those published here. Sure sign that I need to blog more often! And yes, it's so good to be blogging again! I hope my regular readers will find their way here once more :)

    Yes, I did wonder whether it's Cranesbill when I took my problem to Google. If you want a peek at the foliage you'll find a bit of it in the fourth photo, bottom right.

    1. Ah, I hadn't spotted it in the fourth picture. Yes, those leaves certainly look like Cranesbill. There are many different wild species that grow here in the UK and even more cultivated varieties. They are lovely plants.

    2. Thanks for confirming that it's Cranesbill, Nick. That's one niggling "I wonder what it is?" out of the way and crossed off the list :)

  4. A fabulous display! There is some special magnetism around city florists - I think it must be that haven of green and flowers in amongst all the brick and concrete. If I go inside I never want to come out!

    1. Thank you, Jane! And I do agree about the magnetism around city florists. They are almost like the last defence for the greenery under attack by urbanism. It's surprising (or maybe not) how much even a bunch of leaves can lift up one's mood and make the day better!


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