Saturday, April 24, 2010

The colours of Summer

Nothing ... absolutely nothing ... paints the vibrant colours of Summer in Mumbai even a fraction as much as ...
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(This is not a full-fledged post but rather, a link to another post, 'Mumbai : The colours of Summer' at my India-a-h! blog. I thought a lot of my readers here would enjoy the post too. So I decided to cross-post it here ... or rather, to lead you to it. Hope you like it. And take it with a large pinch of adventure and with the spirit of Summer ! )


  1. Life without colors maybe life without life. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Especially in India, right Hobo? ;D
    I just can't imagine India minus its vibrant, shake-you-to-your-toes colours.

  3. I love those vibrant colors, and the icy drink sounds fascinating.


  4. Those colours fascinate me! Especially with the light glowing through those bottles, it looks like I've stumbled into a treasure cave.

  5. Right Sunita, nothing beats those colours; love your India blog. You are a good ambassador for your country.

  6. Trudi, you say the nicest things ... thank you! :)

  7. Deepa, for some reason the fiery reds, oranges and yellows seem to be the preferred colours in all the carts I saw. The blues do look cool!


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