Monday, March 2, 2009

It's official ! Summer is here

It's all over the papers ... yesterday, March 1st, was officially the first day of Summer here in Mumbai.
I'm sorry if this seems like sheer injustice to so many of you who are still listening to the howl of Winter, but this is life in the tropics !

Oh, and did I forget to mention that it was about 37*C here yesterday? That's almost 99*F ... and it's just the first day.
Who's crying now?


  1. Crying...hell no...not me....cause I'm howling...... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...... where's my winter... Tropics I love... no winter I can't believe ... hello some body out there ... winter please ... not fair...not fair... o.k I'll just grow up and pacify myself with your pink blossoms... lifes not that bad I guess when the flowers still bloom and their fragrance still flows.
    Sunita... pink's the color me these days...and I think for every mother of three year olds your blooms... great to see your post as usual. :)

  2. Rajee, move over, and could you pass the tissues ?
    BTW, I didnt realise that I was overdosing on pink ... hot pink, that is . What can I say? Even the colours are getting hotter!

  3. I'm so not ready for summer here. Can you just keep it over there this year?:)

  4. Hey .... you two !!!
    I can say without a DOUBT that if you had to go through the winters we go through, and are still going through ... -14 without windchill so probably -22 with ... now, do you really understand what OUR winters are about ??? LOL
    Pass that warmth, sunshine and gorgeous flowers and plants over here and I'll trade you guys for a while ??? LOL

  5. Love the flowers! It's such a shame that we are still in winter temperatures!

  6. Well you saw my snow pictures so yes that is completely opposite of my area at the moment. ;) It's 28 degrees here but with the wind it feels more like 13 and it's still snowing! Your tropical blooms have warmed me up a bit though! :)

  7. Gosh, I was jealous there for just a minute; thanks for putting things into perspective :)

  8. Me? i'm not ready for summer yet! Of course days are hot but evenings are still very pleasant. I'm warmly wrapped in a stole as I type this:) Will join you....maybe two weeks later...Love those hot pinks!

  9. And the mercury is still rising ... its hot even inside our office - bad a/c i guess!

    one good part of summer is beautiful sunrises/sunsets. i am getting to see them from my terrace itself. will post some pics soon :)

  10. It sure is a real hot summer already, even bangalore is very hot for this time of the year. I guess we are all in for some blazing heat waves.

  11. Oh Yes! Summers are very much here; the weather we all could do without. But, somehow, blogging has taken some scorch out of the summers. One, you get to lament prolifically on the detestable weather, and two, it does feel cosy if you imagine the frigid weather our western blogging friends have to go through - although, personally i will any day prefer a gorgeous snowy blanket to an earth simmering at 45C heat.

  12. Hi Sunita,
    I still have some snow I could package up and send your way. LOL I choose your hot temp, but, oh wait, I don't get to choose.

    I am so ready for the gardening season!

  13. How interesting as I didn't know. But you whoop high and loud about it and the enthusiasm will be intoxicating.

  14. Tina, that's like me asking you if you'll keep winter there :)
    But what the heck? Its bound to be another merciless summer it might as well be just me suffering it :(

  15. Joy, I doff my sunshades to you O Ice Queen ! Seriously, do you need to defrost everytime you go out and come back in?
    All the sunshine and blazing heat (its never just 'warmth' in our summers) is yours for the taking, Joy. But I'll just hang on to the flowers and plants if you dont mind. You have enough gorgeous ones as it is ;D

  16. Cathy, if you experienced our summer, you may change your mind about whether it is a shame or not :)
    But, yeah, the flowers help!

    Racquel, lets swap ... you keep posting those snow-bound photos for me and I'll post photos of tropical blooms for you. Okay? :)

    Yeah,Tattered Spinner, that always happens, doesnt it? :D Right now I wish I could bury myself in the freezer !

    Kanak, how lucky! Best of both worlds, right? Enjoy that gorgeous weather while it lasts. BTW, does Guwahati get as hot as Mumbai does? (or... does any place on earth get as hot as Mumbai does?)

    Sandeep, I take back what I just asked Kanak. No place on earth is as miserable as a made-for-air conditioning room where the AC doesnt work! :P :P
    About the sunrises / sunsets , fantastic! Hope to see those photos soon.

  17. Thomas/Suresh, at least you can plan another jaunt into the forests and get away from it all.
    I think Bangalore is going the Bombay way... more buildings building up into enormous Heat Traps. How sad! The only people enjoying it seem to be the ice-cream guys. And of course, the beer-wallahs !

    Green Thumb, you know ... you're absolutely right! (Except, in my case I wonder whether its because I'm spending too much time in front of the computer instead of outdoors LOL! )
    45*C? Really? Poor you! Luckily Mumbai doesnt get that merciless. Thank God for small mercies!

    Oh, Sue, you may just as soon jump the other way once you experience our summers :D
    Though, to be fair, we do get a load of extra-tasty tropical fruits at this time. Yummmm!

    :D Anna, I think that should be my new mantra. I'll just keep thinking positive and looking at the more pleasant side of summer. Hopefully I'll forget about the scorching heat and blazing sun

  18. Hi Sunita
    I'm envious to say the least. Her in San Francisco, it's cold and pouring. I shouldn't be complaining though because we really need the rain. As usual your photos are gorgeous. Thanks for a great morning.

  19. Iona, you've got rain! Lucky, lucky you! You may not agree especially if its cold too but I absolutely LOVE rain. For me summer is the torture I have to suffer just so I can revel in 3 months of rainy season after that.
    I cant wait for the monsoons !

  20. Now that is just mind-boggling! I wouldn't trade an English spring for anything though. Which is just as well, given what "summer" is often like!

  21. Hi Sunita
    Came across your blog and love the pics on this post. We're just getting over winter here and as much as I love the snow and the crisp, cold air (only when the winter's sun is shining though!), I can't wait now for spring to come.
    If it gets too hot for you there, cool urself down by taking a look at the winter pics on my blog.
    Btw I've a daughter called Sunita (one of three daughters.)

  22. Emily, I've heard so much about your wonderful English spring that I think I should come and check it out myself :)

  23. Margaret, thank you! I love snow but I'm not too fond of the cold that accompanies it :P
    Yes, I think I should bookmark your blog to come back to every day in these summer months :) It just might keep me sane enough to last till the monsoons start.
    Were those your daughters in your Oktoberfest post? They're lovely!
    I hope you'll keep coming by often now that you've found my blog :)

  24. I'm glad you liked my snowy pics Sunita. Ur welcome to drop in any time the heat gets too much :))
    Yes, those were my 3 darlings on the Oktoberfest post. I'm husband's Indian (from Punjab).
    Yeah, I'll surely be back often to ur blog. Take care....

  25. Mmm... I think I will be doing that a lot, Margaret. Its already getting really hot in the daytime here and I envy you your Bavarian winter cool. Or have you moved into Spring now? I visited Friedberg (near Augsburg)and Fussen years ago. Such mindblowingly beautiful places! I loved the atmosphere.
    Your daughters are very pretty. They must be in University now? Strange, you dont look old enough to be the mother of college-going girls! I guessed your husband's Indian roots when I saw the 'kada' on his hand in one of the photos :)

  26. Well Sunita, I envy you your heat a bit. No, still no sign of spring here yet, still minus temp at night and lots of snow in the mountain areas... Good to hear u visited Bavaria. Yes, we have some beautiful places here. If u were in Fussen then I'm sure u visited Schloss Neuschwanstein (The Fairy Tale Castle).
    Well, my 2 eldest daughters r finished college (27 & 25), the youngest is half way thru college (21). They just grow up sooo fast. I don't know where the years went!
    No sign of any of them gettin wed!!
    Thnx for the compliment abt my age, I just turned 50 but keep myself fit thru running & lots of other sports.
    I see u love gardening, my gardens quite small but full of flowers in spring & summer. They're just beginning to pop up now that the snows melted. Can't wait for them to appear!


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