Sunday, August 24, 2008

If this works...

First, let me say that this is not a new post but more of a post-script to the previous one. So, if you're reading this, make sure you scroll down to the next post "The birds and The bees ... and butterflies too"

The photos in the earlier post weren't enlarging when clicked so I just had to try again .

Hmmm... this seems to work fine so far. I dont know where I goofed but all's well that ends well. I dont know what I did that corrected things either.

My Red Ginger is finally beginning to look lush and exotic enough to photograph. As for the Ylang-ylang, its in full bloom right now and smells heavenly. Almost intoxicating!

This is just a bonus for putting up with my non-enlarging photos. Sorry!


  1. That's okay Sunita. It happens to all of us. I love your vibrant blooms and the Monarch in the first picture was great.

  2. Thanks, PGL. That was a really nerve-wracking moment as I didnt know what had gone wrong and whether I would be able to correct it.
    The butterfly in the first photo is a Striped Tiger but it looks almost exactly like a Monarch, doesnt it? I think I'll post a better photo next time but I just wanted my wild-growing lantana bush in the picture too. I'm very happy about that bush (though I did nothing to grow it)... it attracts all the butterflies and berry-eating birds in the locality.

  3. Sunita; please accept my apology I have called you Kanak, in my last comment.
    Anyway I have enlarged the pictures And I could see your jewel bird.

  4. Ginger and Ylang-Ylang!! So many perfumes are made with the oils of...maybe you should create your own...Sunita! You are so lucky to be able to grow those flowers!

  5. That's okay, Trudi, I've done this too often myself for me to take offense : D
    I do appreciate the comments that you post, though.
    I promise to try and get a better photo of the Sunbird. This one was too blurred for me to feel happy about adding it. But Mr. Sunbird is too active and rarely sits still so its not easy...

  6. Kim, thanks. Yes, I do think I'm beginning to count my blessings.
    The Red Ginger is actually Alpinia purpurata and is purely decorative as far as I know. The ginger that we're so used to adding to our curries is the rhizome of Zingiber officinale.
    Wouldnt it be great if we could graft the two so we have the flowers of the Red Ginger and the spice of the Zingiber? I know how we could top that ... by adding the scent of the ylang-ylang!
    Hmmm.... perfumier? Great idea! And I'll have one of your d'flies on my labels for that colourful touch.

  7. I have a two year old ylang ylang tree and seeing yours in bloom makes me quite excited!

  8. Sunita, those pictures are gorgeous. I think any gardener finds it difficult to see their plot through other people's eyes, but from where I'm sitting, it all seems beautiful and exotic, even the caterpillars. (Especially the caterpillars.) I lust after that Red Ginger.

  9. Nicole,the ylang-ylang takes some time to start blooming but once it starts, oh man! it'll rock you to kingdom come! Just walking near it is enough to lift your spirits.
    I hope you have made sure it has enough room to spread out. Its a realy big / tall tree.
    Victoria, thanks! I just wish I was better at photography.
    The Red Ginger is just beginning to come into its own. Its been 3 years since I planted it but all this time I was getting really wimpy flowers from it. All of a sudden she seems to have upped her glamour quotient!
    As for the caterpillars, some of them give me a real fright but their grown-up versions are so mind-blowing that I dont mind.Exotic doesnt even begin to cover it!

  10. You not only have a rainbow of plants, you have a rainbow of flying creatures to match. The sunbirds are delightful, as are the butterflies (and the soon to be butterflies). I created my own imaginary soundtrack as I looked at your photos, to go with your tropical garden.
    I'm not sure about Blogger, but in Wordpress, if I accidentally use the paragraph centering instead of the photo centering, it will center the photo, but it won't be able to be clicked on or enlarged.

  11. I wish I had written that, Northern Shade. Rainbow of plants and rainbow of flying creatures.... great imagery!
    I wonder which soundtrack you chose though : )
    The number of things that can go wrong with a click, is slightly scary. How on earth did you figure that out about the paragraph centering?
    I think I've finally got an idea about my non-enlarging photos. Blogger had this suggestion about choosing Hide Backlinks instead of Show. I think that is what did the trick. I'm not very sure though. Anyway, for the time being, its working. Phew!

  12. Hi Sunita,
    You really do have colourful bugs in your garden. The Red Ginger, Ylang-ylang--wow! That red is a strikingly pretty colour!
    Reading Trudi's comment made me smile. That happens especially when we bloggers think/type fast!!
    Raining again-- our side. Has your dry spell started?

  13. Hi Kanak. Its dry and hot right now. The Nariyal Purnima festival of the Kolis (fishing community of Mumbai) is over. That is traditionally considered to be the day when the monsoons start withdrawing and the Kolis start their fishing activity again after taking a break during the monsoons. But weather patterns have been changing so much that last year we had rains right uptil October. So I'm hoping and I have all my fingers crossed that the rains are going to show up again.
    In the meantime, the sunny weather is making all the bugs and b'flies party all day long : )
    Kanak, that kind of mix-up happens all the time with me and even when I dont have the excuse of blogging. Mostly, its my daughter who bears the brunt of it and I call her by the names of everyone in the family and neighbourhood before I remember the right one!
    The ylang-ylang is attracting a lot of attention from the winged community and oh! it smells heavenly!

  14. Beautiful blooms, all exotic to me...but I had ylang ylang in my bath last I know how heavenly it smells :)

  15. Nariyal Purnima? I wasn't aware of this...thanks for the details.
    As with many of our cities, waterlogging is bad this year. Can't wait for the short heavenly spell of Guwahati winter...hands itching to plant tomatoes but the soil is still so WET!
    Have a lovely weekend!


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